Aw, C’mon Universe! Dammit!

Today I was off work and up until about 4:30 PM or so, had been having a kick-ass day off – I got up early and went to see my dentist (no cavities – great teeth cleaning), came home, grabbed my Sweetie, stopped by the bank to deposit a check, went to see not one but TWO movies (“Oblivion” with Tom Cruise – beautiful but nothing spectacular and “The Croods,” an animated 3-D film that was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! You MUST go see it), ran thru the grocery to grab a few things then came home. That’s when I wished I had one of these (and really knew how to use it):

lock pick setYou see, as we were opening the back door to our apartment, my Sweetie’s key “fell out” of the lock – it’s probably more than 25 years old – and suddenly we were trapped outside not able to get in. The lock was completely “frozen” and would no longer operate. Fortunately, our building super, Elisha, was at home so he helped us pow-wow about what to do…

The back kitchen door lock was frozen. No good.

Our alarm system was armed. Not good.

Our front door was locked and closed with a deadbolt from the inside (meaning no key operation). I mean, c’mon!


It was Elisha’s idea to remove the door moldings, pry open the door and do as little damage as possible then replace the locks. However, my agile and athletic Sweetie remembered our TV room window was open, so we got a ladder, he scurried up the side of our building like a cat burglar and got us inside. Tragedy averted. However, as Elisha “worked” on our front door, showing us what had happened to our back door it, too, broke and froze. As a result, our entire apartment will need to be re-keyed tomorrow  as well as our storage unit.

I guess its not too bad; we could still be sitting in the car in the garage waiting, nibbling on frozen Cool Whip Light, mixed organic baby greens and pears, waiting for Elisha to come home (although he really didn’t do anything but supply the ladder).

Sigh… I wish I could remember all those “life skills” I learned as a somewhat rebellious teen. They might have served me well today…

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