When I Am Rich Rich Rich…

The last few weeks of blog posts have been a bit of a roller coaster for me. And it seems I have been posting a LOT about things I do not like, or things that make me unhappy or sad. So… Today I thought I would post five (5) things that would be mine if money were no object. Here’s my not-so-practical “Wish List” for me and My Sweetie – if money were no object, of course.

I’d start off with a pair of these sporty little devils, a convertible for him and a hard top for me, in vibrant fire engine red:

Red Audi R8 Spyder V 10A pair of red, Audi R8 Spyders. Is there a sexier car around?

Next, somewhere – and sorry, but probably NOT in Cleveland, I would work with my Angel to create a fabulous, all-white loft like this:

white interiorI know, I know, the white is a little sterile but we’d “jazz it up” with some fantastic contemporary art. Next, FINALLY, I would indulge my Sweetie’s life-long desire to have a dog. He loves Great Danes; I want a Harlequin one to go with our new penthouse. I’d give him some cheesy name like “Spatz” or “Gatsby:”

Harelquin Great daneIs there a more noble or majestic dog? Of course, he has to take care of it and it MUST attend obedience school. However, before we get the puppy, I think we’d take off for a few weeks in Europe for some well-desired down time. It is HARD being super rich… My SBF has mentioned Prague in the Czech Republic more than a few times lately and, what the hell, it seems as good a place as any to me…

Prague, Czech RepublicFinally, I would make financial arrangements to ensure that all my nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews would be able to obtain great educations without worry (think educational trust funds with many restrictions). And of course I’d help our siblings and our “dads,” too.

happy kids (Not my real nieces/nephews – cute kids used for illustrative purposes only, LOL!)

So that’s my “Wish List” for today. Every week I play the lottery and hope – like several million others – but one day, one day… I just know it.   😉

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