I Go Out Walking, In The Sunlight… (sorry, Patsy!)

Usually about twice a week, I kiss my beloved partner “Goodbye for now” and leave our apartment to walk the 2.04 miles to work. I know I have blogged about it before – it’s a super pleasant walk through some lovely neighborhoods and it gives me 45 minutes or so to have an “empty head” and I love that. (Note: When I say I walk to work, it is walking with no other adjectives attached – not power walking or speed walking or high-performance walking, just walking). Anyway, this morning it was GORGEOUS – bright and sunny and the temperature? Perfect. So, inspired by the recent iPhone ads that state that more pics are taken with iPhones every day than all the other cameras in the world combined, I used mine to document my pedestrian journey this morning – ENJOY!

This was the sight that inspired my photo safari – I think this is a weeping cherry and it is so beautiful in person, it takes my breath away…

photo (3)The sunlight streaming through the branches was just amazing. I love this tree.

Forging on, I started walking down Fairmount Boulevard, the stately street where my shop is located. Grand old homes with lush, mature trees line both sides of the boulevard (Fairmount is actually a real, divided boulevard street). Anyway, I was distracted by all these flowers – I think they are flowers – falling off the maple trees onto the sidewalk –

photo (4)I loved the texture of it all, and the bright green against the deep concrete color of the sidewalk. I stood there and just looked at it for a minute when I felt like someone was watching me – I looked up, and there she was…

photo (1)That’s right, a deer! Now, I have seen deer in our neighborhood before (which is like so weird to me as there isn’t really a large wooded area or reserve anywhere close by) but this little guy followed me the entire length of the yard, like he was watching me as much as I was watching him. It was kinda’ cool and kinda’ weird. BTW, check out that mossy sidewalk. Pretty awesome, right?

Now, a little more than half way to work, I pass a private Catholic girls’ school which occupies the grounds of a former estate, complete with the old mansion that now serves as the school’s administration building. The whole property is surrounded by a huge stone wall, obviously built at different times, which averages about six feet high. It is really magnificent and definitely gives the school an air of mystery and money. The wall has many “moments” I like but this little tree, struggling to grow up ON the wall, reminded me of that line from the movie Jurassic Park, you know, when the dinosaurs have been breeding and having babies, despite the protocols put in place to prevent that from happening. One of the characters says, “Nature always finds a way.” This little sapling reminds me that one day this school and wall will be in ruins/gone but the trees will still be there…

photo (5)Here is another “moment” from that same wall, another section clearly added at another time. Pretty beautiful, tho’ –

photo (6)Then, almost at the end of the school grounds, I look down and see these bright yellow primroses, just “plopped” there. Primroses. In the ground. Jeesh, I cannot even keep primroses alive in little pots from the grocery store…

photo (7)So, almost at work, I change sides of the street so I can walk along the row of storefronts that houses my store. Our block is actually really nice – big, deep sidewalks with outside seating and trees and planter boxes lining the street. We haven’t “planted” our planter box yet this season, but the sun was smiling down on these painted tulips, left behind by a former tenant of my space.

photo (8)Yeah, these tulips are sweet – and I guess my friend the deer doesn’t know how to cross the street because people tell me tulips are to deer like potato chips are to people, LOL! Anyway, I had a GREAT walk on the way to work, and am so happy with my store’s new location. I sat outside for a minute on one of the benches before I went in, just sort of taking it all in and being happy.

photo (9)I still can’t believe we moved the store, and how great it has been since the move. Sigh… I’m a pretty lucky guy. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my “walk” and will stop in the store soon. I’ll make sure our planter box is full and luscious…


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