And, He’s Back Up…

I swear, sometimes I wonder what The Universe is up to… I mean, I think I have shared with you all something my Mom always used to say:

“Timmy, The Universe will never give you more than you can handle.”

OK, my Mom used to say God but I prefer The Universe. So yeah, The Universe will never give me more than I can handle… How about once in a while, just a little less? I mean, is it my destiny/challenge in life to always be “going” at 110%+?

I often feel a lot like this guy – and not because we both have red hair and similar hairlines –

BozoJust like Bozo above, I “bounce back up” after every hit but, Sweet Jesus, could I maybe go a day without a hit? Don’t get me wrong – I am not suicidal or ready to “Go Postal” (my apologies to any postal workers reading this post – I know that is an ouch-y term) but really, life and people are starting to really piss me off.

For example, today I went shopping at a local independent grocery chain (not Dave’s – the other one, M**rc’s). So – probably my fault since I wasn’t paying close attention – I got home and discovered I was missing two boxes of tissues. I also couldn’t find my receipt. Ugh. But I know I bought them because I labored over the box patterns before I threw them in the cart.  Anyway, I called the store and spoke first with some worthless young lady who seemed more interested in anything other than my missing Kleenex. However, after being on hold for about five minutes, she came back on the line, asked me to “…identify the brand and quantity”which I did – then she told me to bring my receipt in and I could pick them up.

Super convenient, right?

When I explained to her AGAIN that I did not have my receipt (I think it was in the bag with the tissues), she placed me on hold and then a man came on the line. I had to explain the whole situation to him again, at which point he said, “Well, it’s hard to prove you bought them without a receipt.” At which point, I lost my patience and said, “Look, if I were trying to SCREW M**rc’s, do you think I would choose to do it with two frickin’ boxes of Kleenex?” I mean, all I wanted was two boxes of these, which I BOUGHT:


In fact, that is the pattern on one of the boxes I bought. The way this store acted, you would have thought I was going after a truckload of these:

Gold barNow, of course it seems silly to get so riled up over like $4 but DAMMIT!, I paid for those tissues and the lame ass cashier failed to not only make sure I had all my bags, she also forgot to give me my receipt. In frustration, I told the guy to “Screw it!” and hung up on him. I know – really mature…

I guess if I had one wish, I would wish that people would all start treating each other with a little more respect and courtesy, and that all people took their jobs as seriously as I take mine. (OK, I guess that is technically two wishes but whatever). It only takes a second to treat someone with kindness and compassion. This store will no longer be held in the same regard by me, and that is a shame. If their cashier had worried less about text messaging her friends and more about doing the job she gets paid to do, I would be happier today…




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