The Delicious Foods of my Youth…

I think most people have some sort of associations with food, good and bad. I have one friend that hates fish. My SBF hates cilantro – he’s a “super taster” (Google it). Some people hate brussel sprouts; I love them. Someone hates raw onions (me!). I myself have a number of associations with food that relate to my youth and summers spent at my maternal grandparents’ house in Louisville, Tennessee.

I spent lots of summers growing up with my Mom-mo and Pop-po (that’s what we called them). Both of them long gone now, they were the ultimate grandparents, and I loved them both very much. We had lots of fun times together and I have many, MANY happy memories from summers down South but some of my strongest connections to my grandparents are food-related. See, Tennessee had food that only Tennessee had so, much like fruitcake at Christmas, I waited all year long to enjoy these exotic, once-a-year treats. Here are just five (5) of my favorites…

Mayonnaise, and I mean, real, honest-to-God-there-is-no-other-mayo, Hellman’s:

mayoSee, my parents are/were die-hard “Miracle Whip-pers” (how’d THAT happen?) so, every year in late June, I looked forward to a big old, thick-slice bologna sandwich with a Kraft American Single, slathered with Hellman’s. Heaven.

Also in the sandwich department, I always looked forward to pimiento cheese sandwiches, and not the “puh-min-tah cheese” that comes in those little wussy jars from Kraft – this pimineto cheese spread comes in BIG plastic tubs and is mouthwateringly delicious… My Mom-mo seemed to favor the Price’s brand:

Pimiento CheeseLater in the summer, after my Pop-po’s “garden came in,” my grandmother would make deep-fried okra as a side for the sandwiches. Yup, my Mom-mo was the first woman I ever knew that had her own “Fry Daddy” mini deep fryer; before that, she filled a saucepan full of oil and just fried away…

fried-okraNow, just so you don’t think my grandparents were all about “bad food,” we often also enjoyed a healthier snack of peanut butter and banana sandwiches – Mom-mo and Pop-po were really into sandwiches, LOL!

sandwichYessir, I loved spending my summer’s in Tennessee. I miss my grandparents, as well as all the friends from my youthful summers spent there. And I for sure miss the food. Probably the most ridiculous thing I miss are Mayfield Dairy Farms Frozen Banana Pops. I can remember it being about 100+ degrees in late July and early August, and me, my sisters and brother as well as Tip’s kids from next door (Ray, Otie, Jane and Laura – their last name is Tipton, and we always called Mr. Tipton “Tip”) all running to my grandparent’s kitchen and ripping into a box of Mayfield Dairy Farms Frozen Banana Pops:

MayfieldNow, I am sure that these “frozen novelties” were – and actually probably still are – nothing more than frozen water, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring but when you are a spoiled ten-year-old in Tennessee, few things taste better…





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