Separation of Church and State

At the risk of alienating some readers, I feel I must state my feelings on the topic of separation of Church and State – I am 100%, totally for it. Religion has no place in government and government has no place in religion. Period. End of story.

What has my hackles up today? A group of Southern Baptists, talking out against proposed legislation that would allow gay and lesbian Americans – U.S. CITIZENS – the privilege of sponsoring their foreign spouses for immigration. Today it is Southern Baptists but on any given day it could just have easily been the United States Council of Catholic Bishops or any number of televangelists. I mean – and excuse my language – who give a flying F*CK what they think anyway? What gives them the right to weigh in publicly on ANY political issue? Was our country not founded on the premise of a separation of Church and State, for the benefit of both?

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Please do not misunderstand my anger – I do not “hate” religion, organized or otherwise. I just feel they have no right commenting on issues that are of no concern to them, especially given the preferential treatment our government affords them, tax-wise. When a church begins paying taxes like all the rest of us Joe Schmoes, THEN they can shoot their collective mouth off in public about an issue. Till then, shut the F*CK up!

I think most people forget – or choose to ignore – that most organized religions are businesses at their core. They have political influence and “lobby” DC and our elected officials as hard as any other business or organization. Yet, we all just let them go on about their sneaky way, undermining the advancement of our society in the pursuit of their own interests. It has to stop…

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Now, before any one suggests I am a God-less heathen, or some soul-less sodomite, let me state publicly that I was raised Catholic and feel that many of the “good things that make me me” are a result of that upbringing. I no longer observe the faith, not out of hate or resentment but out of respect for those Catholics that are observant. At least for now, I cannot reconcile my life with the teachings of The Church – not the teachings of God, but the teachings of the Church – so I am no longer a Catholic.

I leave The Church alone. And I want The Church to leave me alone, too…

I remember reading recently that America is one of the “least faithful” countries on the planet – something like fewer than 30% of American families attend a faith-based gathering once a week. That kinda’ makes me sad but that is the stuff of another post. For this one, that less than 30% of America figure makes me wonder just why in the heck any politician even bothers to listen to organized religious organizations anyway. Seems like they represent a very small, albeit super vocal, voter base.

As I said, I do not “hate God” or churchgoers but for now, please – organized religions, et al? Ask your national organizations, conferences and assemblies to get the heck out of politics, leave me alone and mind their own business.


One response to “Separation of Church and State

  1. The view of Hitler as a religious believer is one usually told by people who seek to hide his roots in the anti-religious, humanistic, Man and Superman, philosophy of Nietzsche. Sure he used it as a mask to gain popular power (much as US politicians do), but no one seriously believes he believed it for himself.
    Martin Bormann recorded in his diary how the Fuhrer told his dinner companions on 13 December 1941, “The war will be over one day. I shall then consider that my life’s final task will be to solve the religious problem… The organised lie must be smashed.”
    It is the abuse of religion, like the abuse of the state, that lies at the heart of the problem. The problem isn’t that only 30% attend (and actually most political parties would see a 30% core commitment as huge success), it is the nature of the 30% that do attend. Are they salt and light, following the teachings of Jesus, or go with the flow of a self-centred world? There is a huge difference.
    Unthinking adherence to either religion or a human constitution is a recipe for a state where the ritual bloodletting of the innocent, be that by violence or political force, is the order of the day. From outside, the rest of the world looks on at the US aghast – more people are killed by children with guns than terrorists. If that is the separation you want then God bless America. It so needs it.

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