BeeBoo’s Mother’s Day Playlist

My Mom’s name is Elizabeth Louise (Hitch) Kempf. She passed away November 7, 2008 and I still miss her every day. But, rather than write some morose, sad post today about missing her, I have decided to instead honor her by assembling five of her favorite songs here for all to enjoy.

My love of music comes from my Mom – she was always humming or singing softly to herself. She actually had a pretty good singing voice, too. So here, in no particular order, are five of my Mom’s all time favorite songs. I’ll call this “BeeBoo’s Mother’s Day Playlist.”

BTW, Mom’s name is Elizabeth Louise, which is beautiful but when you are from Tennessee, that name turns into Betty Lou or, more accurately, Bettah-LOO when you are from the South. Somehow, when my first niece Erin was born, she heard all the grown-ups in Tennessee calling my Mom Betty Lou and morphed that into BeeBoo. The name stuck with all her grandchildren, hence the name of the playlist…

Probably my earliest memories of my Mom singing were to Dionne Warwick songs; this was always one of her fav’s –

And of course, like many ladies of her time, she was madly in love with Tom Jones –

and Englebert Humperdinck wasn’t too far behind –

I remember Mom and her “girlfriends” planning for months to take bus trips to venues like Tangiers or The Palace Theatre or The Front Row to see Tom Jones or Englebert. Those ladies would drink screwdrivers and champagne the whole trip up, take extra “panties in their purses” to throw on stage and then come home all giggle-y like schools girls. I had the chance to wait on Englebert Humperdinck once after one of his Front Row performances, when he came into the restaurant where I worked at the time. I asked him to sign an autograph for my Mom – which he graciously did – and it is still hanging on the wall beside Mom’s old vanity.

I have to thank Mom for this next song – this is one of MY favorite songs of all time, performed by one of our favorite artists, Mr. Tony Bennett –

Yeah, my Mom was a “cool cat.” Finally, this is without a doubt the best song Mom ever sang –

BeeBoo was no Etta James but she give it her best, and I loved her for it.

I love my Mom, and still miss her every day. But, whenever I hear one of these songs, it’s like she is humming in the next room…

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