Doing Nothing/Nothing Doing

Today was my every-other-Monday-off Monday. I wish I could tell you about all the things I got accomplished today but, to be honest, my day started off pretty much with a list like this:

doing-nothingThanks, Patrick (from Sponge Bob Square Pants fame) for that image.

Today I got to spend the whole day with my beloved, which is always great. We went and saw two movies, Iron Man 3 in 3D (pretty spectacular) and also, in a weird nostalgic moment, we took in the original Jurassic Park movie, recently re-released in 3D. Both movies were pretty great, although I was reminded how quickly time passes when I realized that Jurassic Park is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release this year. YIKES!

Anyway, I wish I had a big soap box-y post for you today, or some insightful message but – to be honest – I’ve had a great day off, spent with the guy I love, doing pretty much exactly what I wanted to do – and now I’m gonna’ go watch some mindless TV then go to bed. Thanks for understanding.

I hope each of you gets to enjoy a “Nothing Day” very soon. They are pretty great…


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