Something Just Doesn’t Add Up

Today will be another tirade against the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), two organized RELIGIOUS groups that are using their “considerable political influence” (gag!) in an effort to derail two (2) amendments to the Gang of Eight’s Immigration Reform Proposal that would create a legal avenue for America’s gay and lesbian citizens in binational relationships to sponsor their foreign partners for legal immigration…

Two things bug me:

1). No religious organization has any right to “lobby” the government about anything. None. Not Catholics, Baptists, Evangelicals, Lutherans, Muslims, Jews, none. Period.


2). The alleged “number” of faithful these two organizations represent do not warrant the attention they are receiving, in my opinion. I cannot understand how this number of American citizens can so overwhelmingly terrify our elected officials – something doesn’t add up to me…

add upThe total US Population, as of this post, now exceeds 315,856,000-plus people (see estimated figures here). Yet, according to web sources, US Catholics number about 75,380,000 (see that estimate here) and US Baptists number around 15,900,000 (see that estimate here).  And those two figures are not current; organized religions continue to see annual declines in the faithful. (The Catholic estimate is from 2010; the Baptist figure is from 2005).  So it follows that those numbers are even lower today.

So again, I ask: “Who the heck CARES what these two organizations think, and why the hell are they even allowed to lobby?”

These two groups are supposedly vehemently opposed to any gay and lesbian-inclusive measures that are attached to the immigration reform proposal. The groups are “threatening to derail” the whole process. So what? Who cares?

According to a recent Gallup poll (see details here), 53% of American support marriage equality for ALL American citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation. 53% – over an estimated HALF of American citizens. I must guess that, included in that supportive number are also some Catholics and Baptists. So, the “anti-faithful” must number even less…

And finally, the long-quoted number of American citizens in binational same-sex relationships is 36,000; recent estimates are even lower but let’s stay with the 36K. Thirty-six thousand people. That number is slightly more than the population of the average small town in America. 36K American citizens being denied the right to be together with their permanent partners. 36K people being BULLIED by more than 91,000,000 estimated God-loving Catholics and Baptists. 91,000,000 people apparently so threatened by same-sex love that they would forgo their Christian edict to “Love one another” and instead deny what is literally a handful of the American population the right to just BE with the person they love most in the whole world… Think about that – your FAITH, your LOVE OF GOD is denying – no DESTROYING – all hope for two people that, for the most part, want nothing more that to just wake up beside each other every morning.

I “lost my faith” long ago, although I do believe there is goodness and evil in the world. I believe the abuse of power, flaunting of position and destruction of hope are evil. And I am looking directly at you, USCCB and SBC.

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