And So, Today It Begins

Two of our dearest friends, Scott and Joe, are leaving for a beach holiday tomorrow.

For a week, they will be lounging pool- or sea-side, taking in the sun, indulging in “adult beverages” and just relaxing in general and “checking out” of adulthood. I am excited for them – they are great guys and deserve the break.

While they are gone, my beloved Martin and I have volunteered to be the “human companions” to their four-legged child, Xander the Wonder Dog (my nickname for him). Xander is one of the chillest dogs I have ever met and Martin just loves him. Xander is a giant schnauzer, which means he weighs like 75 pounds and acts like he weights 10, LOL!

He is super adorable – here is the rascal of whom I speak:

XanderI mean, just look at that face – how much trouble could he be? Anyway, tonight is our “orientation night.” As human companions (no dog has a babysitter, especially Xander), we need to make sure he doesn’t get lonely, he gets walked, he gets fed, he says his prayers and he is a good dog while his “real dog daddies” are away. So tonight we get the feeding schedule, which bowl when, here’s the leash, he likes bottled water with chipped ice, etc. I know I am mocking it out a bit but, truth be told, Martin and I are excited, too…

Our friends have a kick-ass house, in a really nice neighborhood so, for eight days we get to lead “alternative lives.” It’s like a mini stay-cation. We will shop different stores, see different neighborhoods, see movies at a different theater – all that stuff. It will be fun and I am really looking forward to it. And if I am being honest, I am kinda’ fond of Xander, too. I look at it this way – it’s like borrowing a child for a day or an afternoon. You get to enjoy all the nice parts and – Universe willing – no worries about vet visits or bathing or grooming and all that stuff.

It is like dog-owning “lite.”

My posts may be briefer or posted at odd times for the next 7-8 days so hang in there. I’ll be back to my old, crabby self very soon. Wish me luck – I’ll keep you posted!!!

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