Field Report – The Xander Project, Day One

Fr: Tim, a.k.a. SOKEBE

To: The blogosphere

Re: Field entry, Day One, The Xander Project

Today was the first full 24 of “The Xander Project,” the 7-8 day mission to “human companion” (with MY human companion!) the giant schnauzer of two of our best friends. See image below; typical giant schnauzer, black, but NOT the subject Xander.

Schnauzer-GiantAmong other differences between image and subject (Xander), subject has clipped ears and a docked tail. Here are my observations from the first day in the trenches-

1. All pet owners lie. Xander’s dog daddies swore he would not sleep in the bed. LIE. (he was adorable though, and really nice – he kinda’ cozied up at the foot of the bed.)

2. That tail stub feels like a weapon when a 75 pound dog “sits on you” then slides down your thigh before finally coming to rest.

3. The breed giant schnauzer lives up to their name. After two (2) brisk 45 minute walks today, I can confirm two things; one, giant schnauzers have four legs that are always in motion and two, their legs are about as long as mine, if we consider my embarrassingly-short inseam height.

inseamSummation: So far, subject (Xander) has offered no resistance and has, in fact, been an ideal “dog companion.” Subject adheres to schedules, respects authority, has an agreeable disposition and is, overall, pretty dang cute.

More information to follow. Wish me continued success…

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