Today is my 139th consecutive post. I’m more than one third of the way through my Daily 365 Posting Project (one of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog daily for an entire year of my life). So, so far, so good…

The fact that I have made so many posts isn’t even that significant to me – which does grab my attention is the number 139. You see, that number appears in my life all the time. For 5.5 years, I was a waiter at one restaurant – the POS system we used had a plastic “key” that accessed the system so we could log in and ring orders. Every server had a randomly-assigned key with a unique number – mine was 139. 

I frequently glance at the clock and it will be 1:39. I’ll run into the store to buy some bananas and the total will be $1.39. I will pull phones messages at work and the eerie auto-attendant will recite all the details about the call (imagine female electronic voice here): “You received a message from xxx-xxx-xxxx yesterday at 1:39 PM.” I will take someone’s credit card at work and their “secret code” will be 139. I recently had a question about a charge against my checking account – my inquiry number was 139. It is actually a little creepy. It happens far too often to be a coincidence. 

139I can’t really figure out why this number “haunts my head.” I’m not a big numerology guy, so no answer there. When I “Google” 139, most often there is a reference to Psalm 139, which is beautiful but doesn’t particularly resonate with me. I played 139 as “The Pick Three” number for like two years – straight AND in a box – and never won a dime, so that must not be it. It has me puzzled, this number 139.

These stunning insights about 139 all come from Wikipedia:

139 is the 34th prime number, so it is divisible only by itself and 1. It is a twin prime with 137. Because 141 is a semiprime, 139 is a Chen prime. 139 is the smallest prime before a prime gap of length 10.

(I have always had a “thing” for prime numbers in interior design – I hate “pairs of objects” but what the hell does the rest of the stuff even mean? Are it and 137 boy or girl twins – or one of each? “Chen prime” sounds like it should be the Number 11 Dinner on a Chinese restaurant menu. Is a gap length of ten a good or bad thing?) 

This number is the sum of five consecutive prime numbers (19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37).


It is the smallest factor of 64079, the smallest composite Lucas number with a prime index. It is also the smallest factor of the first nine terms of the Euclid–Mullin sequence, making it the tenth term.

(Fascinating – although, I must admit, something about the phrase “…the first nine terms of the Euclid-Mullin sequence” makes me excited.)

139 is a strictly non-palindromic number.

(Again – that is significant why?)

So, again today, 139 presents itself to me. I’m not sure why 139 taunts me but, one of the phrases I have learned to love from my many years in therapy is that the future is always “unfolding” and revealing more of  itself to us. Who knows? When I think about MY future, I have always boasted that I plan on living to be at least 100 – probably more. I have so many things I still want to achieve in my life. Maybe this is The Universe giving me a hint? Maybe my time is 139 years…

If that’s the case, I still have a lot of living to do and for that, I am quite thankful.


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