The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round…

So, today, in a totally unsurprising move, the proposed amendment which would have FINALLY granted gay and lesbian American citizens the “privilege” (word used sarcastically here) of sponsoring their foreign same-sex partners for immigration was “withheld” to avoid the “…total collapse of the strong but fragile bipartisan coalition” supporting the bill crafted by the Senate Gang of Eight. See details here. That is just BULLSHIT. At a moment in American history when support for marriage equality has never been greater, when it seems like every other week ANOTHER state is extending marriage equality to its gay and lesbian citizens, a handful of spineless, career politicians caved in to the bullying of organized religious groups and several small but deep-pocketed and vocal groups. Today is a dark day in this country’s history and I hope EVERY Senator feels like crap – sad thing is, they won’t/don’t/can’t. I believe the VAST majority of our elected officials are nothing more than spoiled, overpaid, holier-than-thou jerk-offs.

My father has always warned me and my siblings that we would see a revolution – a class war – in America, and I believe that time is upon us. The “chosen” that have ensconced themselves in DC ALL need to be ejected. I would like to re-boot our government from the ground up. EVERY POLITICIAN NEEDS TO GO. The abuse and blatant disregard that IS Washington – the political system, not the city – proves the existing system needs to be completely dismantled and re-invented. But I digress a bit from the original topic of this post; more on my political dissatisfaction some other time…

For now, binational same-sex couples have been thrown under the bus – AGAIN! The Uniting American Families Act is a pariah among legislation and I will no longer waste my time or other resources promoting it. UAFA and I are breaking up. I am still holding out some hope that perhaps DOMA will be repealed by The Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) but I have little reason to believe that august assembly of learned legal scholars will have any more balls than any of the other clowns in DC. Change IS coming, Washington, and you better be ready. We are tired of being ignored, dismissed or traded-off.

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