LGBT Immigration Reform Hall of Shame

A visual guide to yesterday’s key players (villains?) in the ongoing battle for gay and lesbian-inclusive immigration reform which, BTW, does NOT seem likely to happen anytime in the near future, thanks to the spinelessness of these four Senators:

TraitorSenator Chuck Schumer, D-NY

Two-FacedSenator Dianne Feinstein, D-CA

Phony FrankenSenator Al Franken, D-MN

DurbinSenator Dick Durbin, D-IL (so insignificant he doesn’t even rate a caption)

And, our one “reluctant” hero

hero Leahy

Senator Patrick Leahy, D-VT

The world is watching, Senators, and your actions – or LACK of actions – will not be forgotten. Shame on you all for selling out your constituents, and the American people.

Senator Leahy, you do us proud, always. Thank you for being a man of conviction, a politician that delivers hope and a man that truly believes in equality.

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