“But We Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere…”

Given recent events in DC, on a variety of topics (but mostly with regards to immigration reform – I refuse to call it comprehensive since it leaves out provisions for gay and lesbian citizens in binational relationships), I find this song particularly appealing. I had never heard of the artist before today and, to be honest, a friend of mine on Facebook actually posted this and I watched it (thanks, Kev!). Now I hope you will please watch:

ALL the lyrics are awesome but these passages – “You can pass a law if you need to…” and the chorus “But we ain’t going nowhere, we ain’t going nowhere” really resonate with me. I hope it will empower gays and lesbians everywhere – and especially those in binational relationships – to take action and DEMAND equality.

Thanks, too, to Ben Ivory for recording such a powerful, moving song. Please share on Facebook, “tweet” – whatever. Let’s get this song, and its message, out there. Thanks!

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