SundayToday is the last day in what has been a very long, very happy week for me. And, as Sunday is traditionally a day of thanks, it seems like I have a few “Thank You’s” to deliver…

This past week, a hateful, hateful bit of legislation was overturned by SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of the United States). I know I have been hard on SCOTUS in the past but, as far as DOMA repeal goes, they got it right. THANKS!

To all the friends I (we) have made in the journey and struggle to get to this point, friends too numerous to individually name, please accept my (our) sincere thanks for your support, dedication and perseverance. I wasn’t totally sure if we would ever get here, so thanks for never letting my faith totally evaporate. THANKS!

To the people that will continue to help me (us) navigate all the work that still remains – learned attorneys and volunteers, old friends and friends we have yet to meet – I extend a huge THANKS in advance. THANKS!

And to my beloved partner M, the man that has always been the bright and shining reason for my fight, I say THANK YOU for always believing we c/would win this. You are amazing and I love you with all my heart…

Finally, to The Universe. I know I have joked in the past that my Mom always told me The Universe never gives us more than we can handle; many times I questioned that statement. But now I see that my Mom was correct. THANKS!

PS – Universe? Thanks for not making my Mom a liar…


Separated at Birth? SyFy Edition

So my beloved Martin and I have become pretty invested in a series on the SyFy Channel called “Defiance.” The short synopsis of the program is that it is future earth, now shared by a number of life forms/races, some indigenous to earth and some alien. You can read the whole premise here. Anyway, among the alien races are the elegant and regal Castithans, a pale race, hatefully nicknamed “Haints” (which I think means ghost in archaic Southern slang). The leader of the Castithans is a gangster named Datak Tarr and by his side is his lovely wife, Stahma Tarr. It is a series worth watching.

I’m sure it was quite an undertaking creating the many distinctly different species, make-up-wise. Most are pretty successful, although sometimes the characters can look a little “Halloween-ish.” One of the races is a larger, ape-like species and when I see the females all dolled up in dresses and big church-lady hats, well it feels a little “Matahari-from-Lancelot- Link-Secret-Chimp” to me. But, what has always bothered me was the hauntingly familiar face of Stahma. Why did she look like someone I knew? Why did I know this face?

Jaime Murray as Stahma Tarr from DefianceThe beautiful Stahma Tarr, played by actress Jaime Murray.

I got my answer yesterday, as I was researching artist images for my blog post. (See yesterday’s gay anthems blog – it’s pretty killer). Anyway, there she was – Stahma – or was it? OMG, NOW I knew why Stahma looked so familiar…

The Very Best of Cher Album cover

The cover of the umpteenth “The Very Best of Cher” Album.

I mean, who could have predicted that, in addition to a L-O-N-G and successful music career, spanning several decades and many genres, Cher would eventually live forever, survive The Pale Wars and wind up in Defiance, married to Datak Tarr? Cher, babe – take me home…


Gay Pride Anthems (Super Gay Music)

Today is “Gay PRIDE Eve” in Cleveland, Ohio. And, not only is it Gay PRIDE Eve, this weekend is Cleveland’s 25th Gay PRIDE Celebration. Congrats, CLE, on a quarter century of celebrating the LGBT experience. I am proud of PRIDE in Cleveland. 

I have also attended MANY of those 25 celebrations. And, while I have lots of memories of those parties, know what I remember most? The MUSIC. The “Gay Anthems” that we all danced to, shook our fists in the air and just jumped up and done and hugged one another to… This year’s celebration will be no different – another gay icon, the amazing Deborah Cox, is headlining the main stage for PRIDE this year –

“Absolutely Not (Hex Hector Remix)” – Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox Remixed

Deborah Cox will be joining a long list of DIVAS in the gay icon/gay anthem category. However, she has some BIG shoes (heels?) to fill. In honor of PRIDE, here – and in no particular order – are five of my all-time favorite gay anthems. Click any image to listen.

“We Are Family” – Sister Sledge

Sister Sledge - We Are Family

I mean, c’mon – IS there a more apt dance song for “The Gays” than this? Well, maybe some would argue this choice…

“Take Me Home” – Cher

Cher - Take Me Home

Fabulous. I mean, Cher is THE Gay Goddess, am I right? Of course, fighting Cher for the top position (is Cher a top?) there is always the now iconic,

“It’s Raining Men!” – The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls - T's Raining Men

OK, enough classics – maybe something a bit more contemporary, something like RuPaul – before Drag Race and Drag U?

“Supermodel (You Better Work)” – RuPaul

RuPaul - Supermodel (You Better Work)

And finally, maybe I am a bit old school (or just O-L-D, period) but Miss Gloria Gaynor will ALWAYS be my favorite gay diva. I can remember twirling on the dance floor to this “extended mix” at The K in Columbus in the late 70’s’ as well as dancing to it at PRIDE celebrations every decade since…

“Honeybee/Never Can Say Goodbye/Reach Out” – Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye

If it is possible that an art form celebrates a people, then music is the medium for our LGBT community. Thanks to thousands of great artists for a million amazing memories!

HAPPY PRIDE, EVERYONE! Have a safe and happy weekend!!!

A New Day in the Post-DOMA World

Today – for reasons that don’t really matter – I woke up at 6AM.

6AM. I know, right? Ugh… I have to admit, I was a little afraid to wake up today…


After yesterday – probably the biggest, best “LGBT Day” and “Immigration News” day IN MY LIFE, I have to admit – I was just a little afraid to wake up for fear it had all been a dream.

To my very pleasant surprise, yesterday really happened. Know how I can tell?

Major, national LGBT lobbying groups have already bombarded my mailbox with requests for MORE for donations (so they continue their work). Internet chatter is saturated with this talking head babbling or this news anchor quoting some A-hole, saying how yesterday’s DOMA decision all but spells the end of civilization as we know it. I even heard a rumor of some states threatening to secede from The United States before they would allow gay marriage. What? What is this, pre-Civil War America?

Know what I say to those states? Go. Get out. Boo! (and as I am saying this, I am throwing handfuls of glitter at them!)


I have still not waded through everything from yesterday’s SCOTUS decisions. Already the “scare tactics” are in play – this whatever is being challenged, that whomever has vowed to define marriage forever as between one man and one woman, Cardinal Dolan was on the verge of a nervous breakdown – jeesh, give it a rest.

Know what I say to all those haters? Boo. Piss off. Get screwed! (and as I am saying this, I am throwing handfuls of glitter at them – again!)

This is what I know for sure – No matter how great yesterday’s rulings were, we still have a long way to go before we achieve true gay and lesbian equality in America. A L-O-N-G way… But today I am happy. And today I realize that yesterday really happened. So we have more work today, more haters to still, more laws to pass and more laws to revoke. But quite probably for the first time in my whole life, I feel like my efforts in obtaining gay and lesbian equality, especially with regards to immigration reform, paid off. And with that pay-off and rewards, I am inspired to continue working, to continue pushing for true and complete gay and lesbian equality. I must say – at the risk of appearing smug – I am proud of myself, my partner, my friends and even reasonably proud of America today.

A day or two more “off” then I am back at at…

Today? Tears of Joy!

I guess it’s no secret by now that somehow, some way, SCOTUS got it right today (well, five of them got it right). Regardless of the “‘final score,” America’s LGBT community scored a BIG gain today, especially in the marriage equality category…

I left for work today about 9:50 AM and by the time I arrived 12 minutes later, the world had changed. DOMA was “dead.” I spent the first 15 minutes at work just sobbing, tears of joy replacing many months – and years – of tears prompted by sadness, disillusionment and disappointment. America had finally gotten it right for once.


To borrow a status from one of my friends, I spent so much time on Facebook today just “LIKE-ing” and re-posting posts, well, I got a Charley Horse in my index finger, LOL!

I am confident that the coming days, weeks and months ahead will hold a few more side steps  – maybe even some small set-backs – but for the first time in a long, LO-N-G time, tonight I will fall asleep beside the man I love and not worry about how many more days, weeks, months or years we will be able to be wake up together.

The internet is abuzz with phrases like DOMA is DEAD! and MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE! While these exclamations are not completely accurate, they are close enough for today.

Today we all deserve to celebrate and live in the moment. It’s time.

Tomorrow, we must return to our work and never, ever stop until full gay and lesbian equality is achieved in America.

One final note? Thank you, Universe, for answering my prayer from last night…

Today I Am Looking Towards The Sky

“Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.”


I remember reciting this simple prayer often as a child – I think it is the first prayer most children learn. Remarkably enough, it is the prayer I am again repeating today on the eve of what will hopefully, finally be the REPEAL of DOMA by The Supreme Court of the United States tomorrow morning at 10AM. I have posted many, many times about why I feel that DOMA should be repealed but in a nutshell, I believe two adults that love one another deserve the right to be together. No one should be allowed to “legislate” whom or how any one loves, and I am PRAYING with all my heart that those nine judges will put aside personal belief, prejudice or bias and simply see that a law that prohibits love between two people is wrong.

I often joke with friends and loved ones that I rarely ask The Universe for any favors. So, when I DO ask, I like to think The Universe listens.

I am asking… Please let the justices see the right answer. Please let them repeal DOMA.

My 5K Post

By this time tomorrow, I predict my blog will have had 5000 views since its inception on 01 January of this year. Five thousand pairs of eyes have virtually been “inside my head” as I have ranted and raved about every thing and nothing…

Thank you. I appreciate you all joining me on this year-long journey, my personal commitment to write every day. My blog is like my online diary and my personal soap box as well. Some of my posts have been monumental and significant; some have been fluff phoned in at the final hour.

But all have been mine… And I am proud to share them with you.

Today, on the eve of what I am hoping will FINALLY be the decision of SCOTUS to repeal DOMA – coupled with the fact that it is Gay Pride month – I am sharing a youtube video that caught my eye on Facebook. Titled “We the people…that means all of us,” it was posted by N. Jones, someone whom I have never met nor know anything about. Heck, I’m not even sure if “N” is a man or a woman but I do know that I want him or her to be my friend.

I hope you find this video as moving as I did; if so, please feel free to share it any and every way you can. Thanks again.

I hope when I wake up tomorrow, DOMA will be repealed and hundreds of thousands of America’s gay and lesbian citizens will be closer to full equality than ever before in the history of our country. Fingers, toes and even eyes crossed. Pray for America’s gay and lesbian citizens. Pray for me, and my friends. Pray for us all.

Bitch Slap Weekend

My Beloved and I often whine to each other that we need more friends, or that we never “do” anything. Then, in an action I like to describe as a bitch slap from The Universe, we are reminded that we are blessed with MANY great friends and always seem to have something going, schedule-wise. Suddenly we will have a 24/7 schedule of events with two – or more! – things all happening at/around the same time. This is a “bitch slap” weekend…

I worked this past Friday evening till 5:30 PM. It was a kinda’ busy day for me at work and my Angel had been volunteering at a fundraising car wash for around four hours in the hot sun for an organization he belongs to/is an officer for so Friday night was a pretty laid-back evening.

Then the weekend started…

I was up yesterday at 7AM to go to my Saturday AM weekly weigh-in for WW (not good – “up” 0.8 pounds!). Boo!

scales1(Definitely not my feet and MOST definitely NOT my weight!)

After WW’s, I drove home, stopping on the way to grab some McBreakfast for me and my Beloved (and I wonder why I was “up” at weigh-in!), which we ate quickly and were then on the road to Columbus, to visit with my little sister, her family and my oldest niece and her family that were up from Tennessee. It was my first chance to meet my great nephew, Emmitt, and OMG – I am in love with him –

emmitt cheescake shot edit

(I mean, look at that face – he makes my heart melt…)

So anyway, my sister had planned a pool party and cook-out at her house and it was AWESOME! So awesome, that my SBF and I hated to leave. We left at almost 10PM, driving for over two and a half hours to arrive home Sunday morning at about 12:40AM.

Today, my Angel is at a picnic for another organization he belongs to, at one of the Metroparks about 45 minutes from our house. When he gets back, we will have an hour or so before we have to leave to attend the 50th birthday party/BBQ (good God, MORE cake and food – WW’s be damned!!!) for one of our best and dearest friends. It will (again) be another really chill, awesome evening with plentiful, delicious food, ample “adult beverages” and great, great friends. I suspect that, even though it is a school night, it will be another late one. And that is OK…

I am OFF again tomorrow but my Sweetie and I have a few projects scheduled already: hair cuts, some house cleaning and maybe (hopefully) this movie –

World-War-Z-NewPoster(Click to see the trailer – I DO so love a great zombie flick!)

So, yeah – I guess we have a LOT of great friends and a pretty busy social calendar. And I am OK with that. Friends are one of the best blessings in life, so we are lucky. Sometimes I do feel like this though:

Go To Bed(Click above to learn about the origins of Savoyard dialect.)

  Hope you all have/had a weekend as fun as mine! Have a GREAT week!


Thanks, AmEx?

In today’s mail I received a settlement check for $8.23, with the following footnote  –

“This check represents your pro-rata share of the Aggregate Net Settlement Fund created by the settlement approved by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in Robert Ross, et al., v. American Express Co., et al., combined with the residual funds from the Foreign Currency Fee Litigations Settlement Fund. The endorsement or deposit of this check acknowledges your receipt of all cash sums due to you from the distribution.”

Blah, blah, blah…


(Not my personal check above but it looked similar to this one…)

As you can see from the image above, that check is from 2011 and represents a settlement from all the credit card companies BUT AmEx. I think I remember getting a similar check in a similar amount but, heck, its been so long ago, who can remember? I mean, I can barely even remember being a part of the “litigants” (I think that is the word I want). I seem to recall that this whole action involved AmEx, VISA, MasterCard and Diners Club cards overcharging some currency exchange fee – something like double-dipping, I think – but who can say?

What I DO remember is that, at least for me, all the charges that could have been considered as part of the action occurred over a decade ago! I mean, really – not that I am ungrateful to have received this check equivalent to a free “Jimmie John’s Sub” lunch (including delivery and a bag of kettle chips!) but I guess the point of this whole rant is that I question how much time, effort and additional resources have been spent to award me probably $25 total a decade after the fact?

If you click the image above, it takes you to the CFF Settlement page where they mention more than 7.4 MILLION checks are being cut. 7.4 MILLION. If each one of those checks only averages $8, imagine the total amount being reimbursed. To be honest, I would have been infinitely more pleased and satisfied to know that AmEx and/or whomever had made huge, multi-million dollar donations to worthy charitable organizations. They need the money more than I need another turkey sub…

America. We legislate – and litigate – everything.