Hey, Cleveland? I need you to do something for me. May I ask that you all please stop whining and crabbing about the movie being filmed here?

Stop Your Bitching

Sweet Mother of God, the way that some Clevelanders are complaining, you would think that Captain American himself had come by and kicked their ass in person. Good golly. Stop your incessant whining and bitching, please. Listen, I get it – traffic has been disrupted for a few weeks, and some businesses have been affected. Hey – how about all those tornadoes out in Oklahoma? Do you think those disrupted traffic and business? Are you mad because your commute to work takes 45 minutes now? Well, I think one and two hour commutes are fairly common in some cities – I mean, I myself drove daily from Euclid to Fairlawn for over a year for a job when I couldn’t find one here in Cleveland, so boohoo. Think some of your rights are being sorta’ trampled on by privacy clauses and “no camera zones?” Listen, they are filming a multi-million dollar movie, not throwing a block party so PLEASE leave them alone, show them some respect, let them do their job and PLEASE stop bitching so much. What, still pissed? Think that the cast and crew should use local resources more – stores, restaurants, vehicle services? Well, my store has been contacted twice by set designers recently looking for items for two different films. Would I like the movie crew to use local caterers and restaurants for “craft services?” Sure, but I’d also like local restaurateurs and caterers to use my store as a resource when they need furniture and other items, rather than going online to buy it from nebulous, faceless vendors in God knows what city. I am totally “Shop Local. Shop Small Business” – totally. That said, it is easy to see how badly you are getting screwed over but sometimes hard to see how you are screwing over others.

Think about it…

So, Cleveland – CLE – my beloved city, PLEASE STOP BITCHING ABOUT THE MOVIE BEING FILMED HERE. PLEASE. It is getting to be obnoxious and annoying. Plus, it will be over soon. We WILL survive this, I promise… Now, B-R-E-A-T-H-E…



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