Proposed Response to the Upcoming SCOTUS Decision on DOMA

As most of you are probably aware, in a few short weeks – days, actually – SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of The United States) will render their decision on DOMA, the despicable Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA defines marriage as the “…legal union of one man and one woman,” effectively legalizing discrimination against gay and lesbian citizens in America.

DOMA also deprives gay and lesbians who ARE legally married the 1,138 rights and protections secured by that documentation and status (twelve US states plus the District of Columbia recognize gay marriage). I could go on and on forever about how DOMA is wrong but I suspect most of the people reading this already agree with me…

So, I hope SCOTUS “gets it done,” stands on the right side of history and repeals DOMA. That said, I am a pessimist/realist/pragmatist at heart – the three sorta’ overlap conceptually to me – and as such, am worried that SCOTUS will “wimp out” and delay a decision or, even worse, make no ruling at all. At which point, every LGBT person in America, as well as our supporters and allies, needs to say, “This bullshit stops right here, right now. Today. And this is how I propose we do it.

Following any SCOTUS decision other than an absolute and immediate overturn of DOMA, the day after the decision, every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer person in America, as well as our supporters – siblings, friends, parents co-workers, all of us, just stay home.

We “Gay OUT” for one day.

no gay

That’s right – we all just stay home. It’s like the “Blue Flu,” only this time it is rainbow-colored. Imagine how we could cripple and immobilize America, by actually doing NOTHING but staying home. If we were all brave enough to do it, to say, “This has gone on long enough. We ARE equal in every way and will settle for nothing less than immediate, full equality,” think what would happen…

Airports, roadways and trains would just shut down. Without controllers, police officers, toll booth workers and engineers, America would be frozen…

Empty Airport

Without travel, our classrooms would be empty. Teachers and administrators – and STUDENTS – would stay home. The big money machine that is “higher education” in America would grind to a halt…

Empty Classroom

I know my gay brothers and sisters in healthcare – the doctors, nurses and other professionals that care for ALL people, gay and straight, would probably be loathe to stay home but imagine if we could shut down the giant that is healthcare in America for even one day; that would be something to experience…

Empty Hopsital

On “Gay OUT” day, grocery stores and shopping malls, gas stations and all types of retail would suffer – imagine if every gay and lesbian in America didn’t spend money for one day, on everything from pet grooming to plastic surgery. Wow…

Empty Grocery Stores

If we would all be BRAVE and follow through on our threat – if we would all say, “This is it. It is now or never,” imagine the impact that would have on all those fuddy-duddy chuckleheads in DC. We could make most parking lots look like this…

Empty parking lot

Hopefully we could get our point across in one day but we might have to “buckle down” and ride it out for two, three days – maybe even a week. But imagine it – an America where EVERYONE is equal, where everyone is valued and respected. Personally, I think it is definitely worth stocking up on canned goods to make change happen.

As I said earlier, I hope SCOTUS “gets it right” but I also think the American LGBT community, and our supporters, need to have a Plan B in place, ready to go. It might be time to “Gay OUT!” 

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