Tuesday Randomness (w/pics)

Today was a slightly challenging day at work.

Our clients “snap” their fingers and demand this or that immediately, then make you W-A-I-T literally F-O-R-E-V-E-R  for their response. Ugh… Anyway, during “breaks in the action” today, my mind was wandering all over the place, thinking about every thing and nothing. So, in no particular order – and for no particular reason – here are five random “things” from my head today…

White peonies –  My Angel LOVES peonies and, over the weekend, we had dinner with friends that had like a bushel basket size bouquet of white peonies from their yard in their house (this is a picture of that actual bouquet, poached from their Facebook page). It was so BEAUTIFUL and smelled heavenly…)


The Windy City – My Sweetie and I are also planning a very brief getaway to Chicago soon to take care of some personal business. I have been to Chi-Town many times but he has never been there. Circumstances dictate that we drive in and out of Chicago within 72 hours round trip but I am still hoping I can share a moment with him in Chicago at Millennium Park that maybe looks something like this:


Converse All-Stars – As an early birthday gift, my beloved bought me a pair of “laceless” Converse All-Stars that look very much like the shoe pictured below. I wore them to work today (the high point of the day, BTW) and they are super comfortable. Funny thing is, when I was 16 years old in 1974, I bought a pair of black lace-up Converse All-Stars with my first pay check – they were $11.99. These shoes – almost forty years later – were not. Thanks, Sweetie!

ConverseChinatown Chicken Salad – Today for lunch, my business partner made an out-of-the-way journey to California Salads in Independence to bring back one of my all-time favorite lunches, the Chinatown Chicken Salad, a.k.a., the Oriental Chop. This is NOT a pic of the actual salad we ate – people that know me well know that I DESPISE those scallion/onion thingies on anything – but it looks pretty close. These salads are DELICIOUS and I had no sooner finished eating this one before I started thinking about the NEXT time we would have them for lunch…


And finally,

Mentor Headlands State Park – Last year, my Sweetie and I discovered Mentor Headlands State Park. It is a beautiful state park right on Lake Erie, east of Cleveland. It is the closest thing to a real beach that we have here on “The North Coast of Ohio” and is actually quite nice. If you have never seen any of the great lakes, they are pretty impressive. Ours – Lake Erie – really does look like an ocean. The waves are very calm and the water isn’t too cloudy. My Angel and I went there a lot last summer to swim, catch some sun (he more than me!) look for “sea glass” and just “be.” We do not typically hold hands like the two gents pictured here (not a picture of us) but it is very comfortable there and we always had a nice day. I am looking forward to our first day there this season.

beachSo there you go, my random, discombobulated thoughts for the day. I hope you enjoy them. I know – it’s a bit like opening the junk drawer in your kitchen and wondering what you will find there, right? Have a great day/evening!

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