Let The Circus Begin!

Very soon, Senate hearings begin on the proposed immigration reform bill submitted by the “bi-partisan” Gang of Eight (what a joke!). This is what I imagine those proceedings will look like in the Senate Chamber:

Under The Big TopThe immigration reform package is HARDLY perfect – and far, FAR, FAR from comprehensive (my previous unhappiness with the provisions for binational same-sex couples being withdrawn in the final hours has been publicly-aired in previous posts). That said, the bill as it stands now is a starting point and will – perhaps – begin the long-overdue and undoubtedly tedious process of overhauling America’s antiquated, unjust and just plain discriminatory immigration system.

I try to be optimistic. However, when these are the “learned politicians” working towards the goal of immigration reform –

Clown Faces…it is definitely a little hard to believe anything good will come from this endeavor. I just read a post about the recent passing of a Democratic Senator (that means he died) and now the Senate Democrat “odd-makers” were scrambling to replace his assumed supportive vote with someone else’s. In the vernacular of my Dad, what kinda’ friggin’ BS is that anyway? I mean, when politicians begin acting like bookies, running numbers and quoting odds, something is wrong with the measure being considered. Or our political system. Or BOTH!

Side Show Barker

I have to admit, I have a whole “List of Dis-es” generated as a result of these proceedings. I am: disappointed, disillusioned, disenchanted, disheartened, disenfranchised, discombobulated. I often joke with close friends that, if I ran MY business the same way politicians run our country – delivering poor customer service, ignoring client wants/needs, demanding salaries far above the level of work performed – I’d be out of a job…

Maybe America should put Washington “out of work.” I think it is time. Don’t misunderstand me – there are a few fine men and women who do SERVE their constituency, that PERFORM the duties required and put CITIZEN rights before their own self-serving interests. But, sadly? Those men and women are rare…

I think we need a whole government re-set, from The President on down. I don’t know – maybe I’d let President Obama stay. He seems to be trying. But OMG – I’d do some house cleaning in the House and Senate for sure. Who knows? Once they leave office, hopefully they will be able to find jobs better suited for their unique skill sets:

Circus vendors

Politicians seem to be able to “sell” anything when they set their minds to it, am I right?



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