Today I Am 55

Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! Today I turned 55 years old. Five five. Five and a half decades of trudging along thru life, trying to be the best me I can be…

All in all, I have had an outstanding day. Today at work, this happened:

photo (2)That’s right, my business partner Scott and I celebrated my birthday with an old skool, grocery store bakery sheet cake – it was chocolate and delicious! You know, this style of cake isn’t perfect unless you can feel the sugar from the icing “grit-ing” between your teeth as you bite it. This cake definitely did not disappoint. In addition, there was also some Neapolitan Ice Cream. Yummy.

As if that weren’t great enough, today at work a design client bought a sofa, a chair and ottoman and a light fixture. HOORAY! This was hot on the heels of yesterday’s awesomeness when a different design client purchased a rug, two “poufs” (I love that word) and a leather lounge chair. Work has been pretty rockin’ this week and that has been a super birthday gift as well…

After work, I came home at the exact same time as my beloved – his meeting tonight was very brief so he got home the same time I did. HOORAY again! My Angel already made me a delicious berry crumble cake yesterday as my “birthday cake” – it’s one of my favorite things he makes – but I was also greeted with a gift bag and a note when I came in the apartment. Here’s the “haul” –

Tim's Birthday Gifts

Yup – my SBF (Sweet Boyfriend) got me this ridiculous mini garden gnome (I love it!), a red velvet cupcake (I got one more wish!) and a very touching card… I have to share, at the risk of “jinxing” my wish, that I asked the we never, ever spend even one more birthday apart.

I am crazy in love with my SBF; he makes every day feel like it’s my birthday.

So, all in all, I have had a pretty spectacular day/week. I received a number of calls and texts, have like over 150+ birthday wishes on Facebook and have just had an amazing day. Is my life exactly what I imagined it would be like at 55? Not exactly, but in most ways, it is even better and in one way in particular, it is beyond my wildest dreams…

I used to joke that my birthday was like every other day, but today was not. Today has been a blessing and I thank The Universe for giving it to me. I have a great family, a super circle of friends – both those I talk with regularly and those I have never even met in person (that makes sense if you are one of those friends!) and a partner and companion that I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams. I am a very lucky guy… Happy Birthday to me…

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