Yeah, so I know you all have come to expect either biting, savage opinion pieces from me, or touching, insightful, emotional posts. Today won’t be either one… Instead,

Road Trip

That is correct – My beloved M and I are “hittin’ the open road” this weekend, for a quick 72 hour round trip to a fantastic mid-western city. The trip is a mixture of personal business and pleasure and, as such, is partially planned but mostly let’s-get-in-the-car-and-just-see-where-we-windup. I kinda’ like that…

To be sure, it will be a fun and exhausting trip but the change of scenery will do both of us good. I will do my best to blog “from the road” but those posts might not be as elaborate or lengthy as you have come to know, love and expect from me. So please bear with me – I’ll be back full-force as soon as possible…

And now, a little “travelin’ music” for the road before we go –

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