Pics of me “Getting High” in Chicago

Without a doubt, two of the high points (pun intended!) of our recent whirlwind weekend in Chicago would have to be our visits to the Hancock Building and the Willis Tower Skydeck/The Ledge. I pondered the question in yesterday’s post: Why DO we, as humans, LOVE to do things that make us want to wet our pants?

My Sweetie and I visited the Hancock Building last Sunday night. We managed to arrive just as day was transitioning into nightfall, and we stayed for probably an hour and a half, or more, until the entire Chicago skyline was full of twinkling lights. Here is a photo of yours truly, trying to look buff at the Hancock Building:

Tim at the Hancock Observatory June 2013

I know, right? So ruggedly handsome, LOL! It was a LOT of fun and the panoramic, 360 degree views of the city after dark were unbelievable. I have to confess, though – the highly-touted, “open air skywalk at 94 floors” is actually a little lame. It is really a super secure, caged-in walkway open to the air. No Biggie.

Now, the Willis Tower Skydeck/The Ledge? That is another story completely…

We visited Willis Tower on Monday, the day we were leaving (saving the best for last!) Willis Tower is still, to me, the Sears Tower, although it apparently was renamed in like 2003 or something. I had visited the Sears Tower years ago. It is high, for sure – 103 stories above the ground. Willis Tower is the eighth tallest building in the world and the third tallest building in the western hemisphere. Since my last visit, it has re-branded itself as Skydeck Chicago with an added feature called “The Ledge.” The Ledge consists of four super-reinforced glass cubes that project out over four feet OUTSIDE the building. It reminds me of the classic visual cliff experiments they do with babies. The boxes look pretty sturdy but, still – you stand in them and look down 102 floors to the ground below. It is kinda’ scary:

102 Floors Above the Ground at The Ledge

Those are my Sweetie’s feet, bottom left in black and red, and my stubby clubs, upper right in bone, as we look thru the floor of one of The Ledge’s “boxes” down 102 stories to the ground below. It was a slightly anxious moment for me…

Tim's steps out at The Ledge 2013Tim Gains Confidence at The Ledge 2013

Then we both got a little more comfortable and realized those “box thingies” were NOT gonna’ fall off the side of the building:


And well, then it was all over and somebody actually got a little cocky:

MSW chillin' at The ledge 2013

It was actually an AWESOME time, and a “tourist trap” I would recommend to anyone heading to Chicago. I hate to admit it, I kinda’ was hoping to see someone faint but mostly people just laughed nervously then crept out into the clear box. There was one younger, athletic woman that did a hand stand and looked down – with her eyes open – the whole time in one of the cubes. Not me. I did learn something about myself though – I will never bungee jump, sky dive or hang glide. Ever…

My Sweetie’s face was amazing to watch during the whole experience. It was so full of joy and wonder and silliness and excitement and trepidation – it was beautiful and magical. I am so glad we got to share the experience together. And I hate to admit it but I guess I do enjoy “gettin’ high” every now and then…

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    Kyryll Khmelkovskyy

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