Marathon Shopping

I frequently joke that I work as hard on my days off as I do when I am “actually working” – sometimes it seems like I work even harder. And today was no exception…

get ready to go

(not really my feet, BTW!)

My day started with a very brief client meeting (only thirty minutes), then I came home, grabbed my Sweetie and we were off for the day. In slightly less than seven hours, we hit Old Navy (I scored a sweet polo at 50% off!), Bath & Body Works (more on that later), Marshall’s for some off-price “looking,” Target (I needed a “fancy” thank you card from Papyrus), then we gulped down a quick McLunch, grabbed some food at Aldi’s (mostly produce – it is SO inexpensive there!), stopped and bought two dozen potato and cheese perogis, handmade by adorable Ukrainian grandmothers, stopped by Marc’s for a few flowers for our patio and some groceries and finally capped off the day at Giant Eagle. Whew!

I know – I am supposed to “shun” large chain stores but it is hard to resist, budget-wise. Take Bath & Body Works for example… Now, I have to confess that I have NEVER paid full price for one, single item in a Bath & Body Works store. Not even once. And today was no exception. I mean, I AM a retailer and have some notion of mark-ups and margins but Sweet Baby Jesus, how DOES that chain sell items that “retail” for $12.95 for $3.00 on sale? I mean, what IS the actual mark-up on that stuff? No ones sells stuff to lose money so what does that stuff cost to produce, package and merchandise?

BBW(I didn’t buy any of these products but did grab some $5 body wash!)

Same with Papyrus. For those unaware, Papyrus is a line of THE most exquisite, embellished cards – think hand-applied fabric flowers, or a little tiny clothesline hung with teeny-tiny crocheted baby booties. I am a HUGE snail-mailer and have always considered Papyrus to be like the Rolls Royce of handmade greeting cards. The average Papyrus card is about $8.00 – I used to purchase them from a small gallery/gift shop. Now, as I understand it, Papyrus is owned by American Greetings and are pretty-much everywhere. They are carried at Target, which offers a really large selection. I guess I thought when they went “big” the prices might come down a bit – nope.

Papyrus(These cards really do kick ass…)

Anyway, profits margins aside, I am all but exhausted from today. I do love shopping – my friends kid me that I can shop inside a Speedy Gas Station – but it does get tiring. By the end of the day, my energy is pretty much depleted. Know what else is depleted?

empty wallet(Again, not really my wallet or hands but mine look a LOT like that, LOL!) 

At the end of the day, I had enjoyed an amazing afternoon/early evening with my beloved M. I am a lucky guy, exhausted or not…

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