Senator Marco Rubio

I get it. People are allowed to have “personal convictions” and opinions. God knows I have some – OK, MANY. But, I put mine out via this blog, or Facebook or in conversations among friends (and sometimes enemies). What I do NOT do is abuse the power of my position, as does a certain Senator who is currently on MY personal “Least Liked List.”

Senator Marco Rubio is, in my opinion, blurring the line between being a public servant and using the power and position afforded him by his office by forcing his personal beliefs and convictions onto America.

Every time I read another Rubio sound bite, I want to stick a fork in my ear…


Among his other sterling qualities, Senator Rubio is a giant homophobe in denial. And his recent and very public proclamation that including LGBT provisions in the proposed immigration reform package would KILL the entire momentum of the piece still has me stewing.

What a bigoted LGBT “hater…”

I could write an entire blog about Rubio and his history with “The Gays” but it has already been brilliantly and succinctly written by LGBTQ Nation columnist Barbara Weicksel – please view Barbara’s brilliant column by clicking here. Or here:


Special thanks to LGBTQ Nation and Barbara Weicksel for shedding a light on this bigot masquerading as a Senator. I’m not sure exactly why this phrase is in my head today – “Stupid is as stupid does” – I mean, really, it makes no sense unless you apply it to Senator Marco Rubio… IMHO

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