Time for the SCOTUS “Joke of the Day!”

Q:  How many Supreme Court Justices are needed to repeal DOMA?

A:  Who knows? It seems like there will NEVER be a decision handed down!

Today was yet ANOTHER day when SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of The United States) COULD have handed down their decision on DOMA (the reprehensible Defense of Marriage Act) but, AGAIN, there was NO DECISION given. I mean, what the heck? What is taking so long? And just what are these esteemed and learned individuals debating? The right for two, non-related adults to love and marry one another, regardless of their sexuality. Seems like that should be a no-brainer, right?

It is especially frustrating to be kept waiting this long when ultimately I feel this will most likely be the method they use to make a ruling on this decision:


I – and I imagine tens, if not hundreds of thousands of others – feel a bit like a child that has been promised something and yet the “pay-off” never comes. (Like, “If you clean your room, I’ll give you $5” and, after a marathon cleaning session, no moolah). It makes you lose faith in grown-ups.

I am losing faith in America…

I won’t bore you all with the myriad possibilities as to why the decision has not yet been handed down. The speculations are all just that – speculation. SCOTUS seems to be the most “poker-faced” group in America.

The delay DOES make me just want to SHOUT this at DC:

Repeal DOMA

No matter what the ultimate decision is  – and don’t get me wrong, I am PRAYING with all my heart that DOMA is REPEALED – I now just wish we could GET the damn decision and move ahead. It’s like nine grown-ups are all huddled in a room, yelling at one another, “No, you give the decision. No, YOU give the decision. I don’t wanna’ give the decision. Let’s wait till NEXT week.” It really is a bad joke…

To think that DOMA was ever even written into law in America, the country that boasts the “greatest personal liberties of any country on the planet” is the real joke. However, know what is even worse? The fact that supposedly the most august, learned, impartial and legally-knowledgeable panel on earth is STILL talking about what is so CLEARLY a discriminatory, exclusionary, homophobic law. That is the REAL travesty.

Please HELP REPEAL DOMA now! America? Get on the right side of history!


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