Like so many of my gay brothers and sisters, I am tired of waiting for the big “If,”


You know the one – or actually several – big “ifs” I am talking about –

“If we can just get sixty Senates vote, we can get gay and lesbian immigration reform included in the immigration reform package,” or,

“If The Supreme Court repeals DOMA, then gays and lesbians can finally – maybe – begin receiving and enjoying the 1,138 rights and privileges extended to straight couples since time began,” or

“If we can get ENDA legislation passed, no gay or lesbian will ever need worry again about being fired for no other reason than whom they love,” or

“If we wait and work hard in the 2016 elections, we can recapture the Senate, keep the House and elect Hillary President.”

I don’t know about you all but I am pretty flippin’ tired of waiting. Here are the realities if none of those “if’s” come to pass:

If we don’t get sixty Senate votes on the gay- and lesbian-inclusive immigration reform amendment (not likely), tens of thousands of lives will be negatively impacted. Loving couples and families will continue to be torn apart. America loses…

If SCOTUS does not repeal DOMA – and I am beginning to have serious doubts that they will – America’s gay and lesbian citizens, er, I mean SECOND CLASS CITIZENS, will continue to be screwed in every category from taxes to healthcare. America loses…

If ENDA does not pass, gays and lesbians will continue to be fired for nothing more than whom they love. Our economy will suffer as they move to the ranks of the un- and under-employed. America loses…

If, God forbid, we lose the House in 2016 and some A-hole like Rubio gets elected President, well then the whole world loses…

WTF, America?

Here’s a NEW big “if” – what if we all just started treating one another with respect and dignity? What if it didn’t matter any more who you loved or how you loved, or where you were from or how you got here, and we all just extended a big, welcoming HUG to one another and decided we needed to treat ALL people with respect, courtesy and kindness?

IF that could happen, America might FINALLY be close to the ideals upon which our (conceptually-great) country was founded. Sadly, those dreams are all based upon pretty big “if’s…”


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