Give Me a Break Already

Overall, today I had a really great day…

I had a nice morning with my SBF – we got his Fall semester schedule in order and “checked” one thing off his “To Do” list. I had a therapy session today, so that always puts me in a good state of mind and then I had an afternoon movie date with MY superman to see Superman. It was an awesome day…

Then, I came home and checked my email. In a window of probably nine hours, I got no less than eight online solicitations for money – “Did I see how the House voted, Can I believe that this Senator said this or that, Now is the moment we need your support the most…”

Blah blah blah. My email has become a virtual one of these:

DNC Begging Cup

Most solicitations only ask me to donate $3  – but it HAS to be before midnight. What the Hell? What can ANY organization do with $3? And sadly, the most aggressive online panhandler is the National Democratic Party. DAILY – I get requests for donations. DAILY.

Please leave me alone.  I have unsubscribed from your list so many times I have lost track. Lose my email address DNC, ACLU, SLDN, LULAC and so many others… Give me a break already.

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