SCOTUS, The Impending DOMA Decision and Me

Well, another “deadline day” has come and passed with no decision from SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of The United States) on DOMA repeal. This image pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole situation:

Wasting my timeI honestly am starting to think I am simply wasting my time – wasting my time waiting, wasting my time praying – wasting my time hoping that nine people, regardless of personal opinion or bias, will repeal what is clearly the most damaging and discriminatory piece of legislation written into law. 

The emotional and physical strength it takes for me to sustain hope over such a long, extended period of time is exhausting. To think about the sheer amount of resources wasted over this matter – the millions of dollars spent defending DOMA, the millions of dollars spent in the effort to REPEAL DOMA, not to mention the incalculable hours spent by men and women, gay and straight, working to both dismantle this monster or to keep it intact – is staggering.

It truly crushes my soul to see the all of this happening simply because two adults love one another. It is a great sorrow upon our country… 

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