Today? Tears of Joy!

I guess it’s no secret by now that somehow, some way, SCOTUS got it right today (well, five of them got it right). Regardless of the “‘final score,” America’s LGBT community scored a BIG gain today, especially in the marriage equality category…

I left for work today about 9:50 AM and by the time I arrived 12 minutes later, the world had changed. DOMA was “dead.” I spent the first 15 minutes at work just sobbing, tears of joy replacing many months – and years – of tears prompted by sadness, disillusionment and disappointment. America had finally gotten it right for once.


To borrow a status from one of my friends, I spent so much time on Facebook today just “LIKE-ing” and re-posting posts, well, I got a Charley Horse in my index finger, LOL!

I am confident that the coming days, weeks and months ahead will hold a few more side steps  – maybe even some small set-backs – but for the first time in a long, LO-N-G time, tonight I will fall asleep beside the man I love and not worry about how many more days, weeks, months or years we will be able to be wake up together.

The internet is abuzz with phrases like DOMA is DEAD! and MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE! While these exclamations are not completely accurate, they are close enough for today.

Today we all deserve to celebrate and live in the moment. It’s time.

Tomorrow, we must return to our work and never, ever stop until full gay and lesbian equality is achieved in America.

One final note? Thank you, Universe, for answering my prayer from last night…

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