Gay Pride Anthems (Super Gay Music)

Today is “Gay PRIDE Eve” in Cleveland, Ohio. And, not only is it Gay PRIDE Eve, this weekend is Cleveland’s 25th Gay PRIDE Celebration. Congrats, CLE, on a quarter century of celebrating the LGBT experience. I am proud of PRIDE in Cleveland. 

I have also attended MANY of those 25 celebrations. And, while I have lots of memories of those parties, know what I remember most? The MUSIC. The “Gay Anthems” that we all danced to, shook our fists in the air and just jumped up and done and hugged one another to… This year’s celebration will be no different – another gay icon, the amazing Deborah Cox, is headlining the main stage for PRIDE this year –

“Absolutely Not (Hex Hector Remix)” – Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox Remixed

Deborah Cox will be joining a long list of DIVAS in the gay icon/gay anthem category. However, she has some BIG shoes (heels?) to fill. In honor of PRIDE, here – and in no particular order – are five of my all-time favorite gay anthems. Click any image to listen.

“We Are Family” – Sister Sledge

Sister Sledge - We Are Family

I mean, c’mon – IS there a more apt dance song for “The Gays” than this? Well, maybe some would argue this choice…

“Take Me Home” – Cher

Cher - Take Me Home

Fabulous. I mean, Cher is THE Gay Goddess, am I right? Of course, fighting Cher for the top position (is Cher a top?) there is always the now iconic,

“It’s Raining Men!” – The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls - T's Raining Men

OK, enough classics – maybe something a bit more contemporary, something like RuPaul – before Drag Race and Drag U?

“Supermodel (You Better Work)” – RuPaul

RuPaul - Supermodel (You Better Work)

And finally, maybe I am a bit old school (or just O-L-D, period) but Miss Gloria Gaynor will ALWAYS be my favorite gay diva. I can remember twirling on the dance floor to this “extended mix” at The K in Columbus in the late 70’s’ as well as dancing to it at PRIDE celebrations every decade since…

“Honeybee/Never Can Say Goodbye/Reach Out” – Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye

If it is possible that an art form celebrates a people, then music is the medium for our LGBT community. Thanks to thousands of great artists for a million amazing memories!

HAPPY PRIDE, EVERYONE! Have a safe and happy weekend!!!

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