Separated at Birth? SyFy Edition

So my beloved Martin and I have become pretty invested in a series on the SyFy Channel called “Defiance.” The short synopsis of the program is that it is future earth, now shared by a number of life forms/races, some indigenous to earth and some alien. You can read the whole premise here. Anyway, among the alien races are the elegant and regal Castithans, a pale race, hatefully nicknamed “Haints” (which I think means ghost in archaic Southern slang). The leader of the Castithans is a gangster named Datak Tarr and by his side is his lovely wife, Stahma Tarr. It is a series worth watching.

I’m sure it was quite an undertaking creating the many distinctly different species, make-up-wise. Most are pretty successful, although sometimes the characters can look a little “Halloween-ish.” One of the races is a larger, ape-like species and when I see the females all dolled up in dresses and big church-lady hats, well it feels a little “Matahari-from-Lancelot- Link-Secret-Chimp” to me. But, what has always bothered me was the hauntingly familiar face of Stahma. Why did she look like someone I knew? Why did I know this face?

Jaime Murray as Stahma Tarr from DefianceThe beautiful Stahma Tarr, played by actress Jaime Murray.

I got my answer yesterday, as I was researching artist images for my blog post. (See yesterday’s gay anthems blog – it’s pretty killer). Anyway, there she was – Stahma – or was it? OMG, NOW I knew why Stahma looked so familiar…

The Very Best of Cher Album cover

The cover of the umpteenth “The Very Best of Cher” Album.

I mean, who could have predicted that, in addition to a L-O-N-G and successful music career, spanning several decades and many genres, Cher would eventually live forever, survive The Pale Wars and wind up in Defiance, married to Datak Tarr? Cher, babe – take me home…


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