SundayToday is the last day in what has been a very long, very happy week for me. And, as Sunday is traditionally a day of thanks, it seems like I have a few “Thank You’s” to deliver…

This past week, a hateful, hateful bit of legislation was overturned by SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of the United States). I know I have been hard on SCOTUS in the past but, as far as DOMA repeal goes, they got it right. THANKS!

To all the friends I (we) have made in the journey and struggle to get to this point, friends too numerous to individually name, please accept my (our) sincere thanks for your support, dedication and perseverance. I wasn’t totally sure if we would ever get here, so thanks for never letting my faith totally evaporate. THANKS!

To the people that will continue to help me (us) navigate all the work that still remains – learned attorneys and volunteers, old friends and friends we have yet to meet – I extend a huge THANKS in advance. THANKS!

And to my beloved partner M, the man that has always been the bright and shining reason for my fight, I say THANK YOU for always believing we c/would win this. You are amazing and I love you with all my heart…

Finally, to The Universe. I know I have joked in the past that my Mom always told me The Universe never gives us more than we can handle; many times I questioned that statement. But now I see that my Mom was correct. THANKS!

PS – Universe? Thanks for not making my Mom a liar…


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