i-i-i-i, It’s Here!

Once again, my life has received an “upgrade” – our brand new iPhone 5’s arrived yesterday, in all their chic, slim, shiny black glory…

iphone5blackThanks to my diligent, resourceful – and quite persuasive – sweet boyfriend, we received these new, state-of-the-art beauties at NO COST (OK, we did have to agree to a new a two-year contract but no big deal). To be honest, we actually MADE money on the exchange; after we sell our old phones back to ATT, we will come out about $30 ahead. Additionally, since I am an “…ATT customer of long standing,” they waived the standard contract fee (again – my SBF told me to call and ask/complain and they would credit our account – he was right!) The phones arrived yesterday and they are slim and beautiful – that’s the good news…

The bad news is that, were it not for my Martin, my phone would have never been activated. I swear, I believe that people of a certain age – MINE – are just incapable of  “clicking this” or “backing up that” or whatever the instructions are. Ugh. I get so frustrated –  my patience is very limited with technology in general. I mean, left to me, we would have four remote controllers at home – one for the TV, one for the cable box, one for the “standard” DVD player and one more for the DVD player coded for European DVD’s (and who even knew that there was a special code for European DVD’s?) Even Martin had some difficulty activating my phone; his was super easy, but mine? He “backed me up” and “sync-ed me” four times before everything – or almost everything – finally “migrated” to my new phone. (Maybe it’s just me?) Anyway, I guess I wished Apple would remember that we are not all “Geniuses.” I am just happy Martin is one!

So it’s only Day One for me with my new phone; so far, it has been sitting on a shelf all day at work, hooked-up to the stereo playing a Song List from my iTunes Library (again, put on my phone by Martin). I’ll keep you all posted as my “personal technology-knowledge upgrade” continues. For now, so far, so good…

One response to “i-i-i-i, It’s Here!

  1. Let me know how you like it. I am still using my old iPhone but think of a new one often. Do you have a mophie or some other brand of charging case for it? Couldn’t live without one myself. Enjoy it and keep me updated…

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