I’m Discombobulated Today

I know. I complain constantly. I joke with people that it’s my job (to bitch).

Today my main complaint is that I cannot manage to figure out what the hell day of the week it is… I’m all discombobulated.

perplexed guyTruth is, I am co-owner of a small business so I have a pretty sweet work schedule anyway. I work four days a week in the studio (and many more hours outside the store, so don’t judge), plus my business partner and I have arranged our schedules so we each enjoy a three-day weekend every other week.

Normally, that is great – this week, it is a nightmare…

This week, I SHOULD have worked this schedule: Monday and Tuesday, 10A till 5:30P, off Wednesday, Thursday 10A till 7P, Friday 10A till 5:30P and then off Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Great, right?

But – with the holiday factored in – this is what I REALLY worked this week: Monday and Tuesday, 10A till 5:30P, off Wednesday and Thursday (Fourth of July), Friday 10A till 5P (special holiday hours) then off again Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

I know this will make me sound like some ungrateful idiot but honestly? I am having trouble keeping track of what day it is, LOL!

July 2013I know – TOO much time off, is that anything to complain about? But, I am finding it a bit hard to keep track of what the hell day of the week it is – plus, I don’t think I am a workaholic or anything but I do actually like my job. Sigh…

I guess I will just have to “man up” and try to enjoy this extra time off. I know it will eventually “be” Monday again.

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