Happy Birthday, BeeBoo!

Today is my Mom’s birthday.

She would have been 76 years old today. Her name is Elizabeth Louise, a beautiful name which, when you are from Tennessee as my Mom was, turns into Betty Lou. Or, if you are FROM Tennessee, it turns into something closer to Bettahloo (all one word). Or finally, when your first grandchild comes, Bettahloo turns into BeeBoo. And it sticks…

BeeBoo was an amazing woman, not simply because she was my Mom but because she just was. She had given birth to four children by the time she was 23. She loved and married my Dad and they were together just a few days short of 51 years. BeeBoo was funny and naughty, could cuss like a sailor and was as fancy a lady as ever was one. She was fiercely devoted to her husband, her kids and her friends. She was as perfect a Mom as this guy could ask for. She was first my Mom – always my Mom – but as I got older, she became my best friend as well.

My Mom was a more than a reasonable artist, had the most beautiful penmanship I have ever seen and was the most open, honest (to a fault) and loving person I have ever known. I still miss her and sometimes forget she is gone – just the other day I had reason to need my birth certificate and there it was, still in the legal envelope she gave it to me in, my full name, birth date and “Birth Certificate” written in her beautiful handwriting all across the front – along with this brief note:

“Timmy, this is important – do NOT lose this envelope. Love, Mom.”

It is in moments like that that I really feel her again, and I miss her. But I know she is still watching over me, along with an army of other angels – my Mommo (grandmother), AJ (my Mom’s sister, my Aunt Judy) and “Peg” (my older sister – really named Jeannie. I know – my family has weird nicknames, LOL!)

So today, on BeeBoo’s birthday, I know ALL my ladies are smiling down on me, watching over me and taking care of me, and each other. And, even though I am still sad and miss them ALL, knowing that makes it better.

So here’s to you, Mom. Happy Birthday, BeeBoo! I love you. See you not TOO soon…

Birthday Cake

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