I Should Have Paid More Attention

I should have paid more attention – a LOT more attention – to the Red Cross Swimming Lessons I took in like second grade. I mean, I can swim (sort of) but hardly consider myself to be a good swimmer, or a swimmer prepared for what I feel is the upcoming Aqua Apocalypse – The Aquapolypse – that lies ahead…

I mean, it has been raining for what seems like FOREVER here in Cleveland. Honestly, we have “set” some sort of record for days of consecutive rain fall or something like that. The earth is SOAKED. Every day, the air is so heavy with humidity that I wanna’ stay inside my air-conditioned apartment forever. (I am a HUGE fan of climate-controlled spaces.) I’m afraid the banks of Lake Erie will give way and Cleveland will look like this:

NYC under water

OK, sure, that is clearly New York City underwater but it was the best image I could find – except for this one, imagined after The Aquapolypse has occurred:

Underwater City

C’mon, that kinda’ looks like buildings from Cleveland, right? And that is a FRESHWATER shark – after The Aquapolypse, all manner of aquatic life migrate all over the planet, as the world has been totally CONSUMED by water.

I know, it could be so much worse. There have been few floods, and no really bad “events” (like tornadoes) but, really? I am so, so tired of all this rain. I mean, I feel like every time I take off my shoes I am gonna’ have some sort of weird, “Black Swan” moment when I look at my feet:

Black Swan FeetI hope it stops raining soon. My spirit is drenched. My brain is water-logged. Jeesh, my fingers are “getting prune-y.” As a person that typically “shuns the sun,” oh what I wouldn’t give for a bright, sunny summer day at the lakefront – if I could trust those waters to stay within the banks of Lake Erie!

Please come back, Sun. I miss you…

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