It Might Be Worth It – The Host

“The Earth is at peace. There are no wars. There’s no hunger. Honesty, courtesy and kindness are practiced by all. The world has never been more perfect. It is no longer your world.”

Last night my beloved and I rented “The Host,” the latest Stephenie Meyer (of “Twilight” fame) offering in the whole teenage-girl angst/love-triangle movie genre.

The Host Movie Poster(click image above to view the theatrical trailer for “The Host”)

The plot is essentially this: The Earth has been occupied by an intelligent alien species known as “Souls.” Although a supposedly peaceful race, Souls can only survive by being inserted into a host body, taking control of their minds (hence the title). The movie kinda’ just “jumps in” – not a lot of back story development but hey, as my friends that read always say, I am sure the book was much better. The movie was enjoyable but nothing new – think an updated version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” only in full color, with hormonally-charged teenagers using the excuse that they might be the last human beings alive as a reason to “get busy.” Anyway…

As with so many current sci-fi movies, the invading alien race – beyond their obviously superior intellect – also possess an advanced level of taste in cars, clothing and interior design. I mean – this is the car the “Seekers” drove in the movie:

????????????I’m not totally sure but I think it is a Lotus concept car. Whatever it is, it is pretty kick-ass. I mean, it’s not silver paint, it IS silver. Period. And while humans waited out the end of the world in caves and deserted trailer parks, the Souls worked here, hunting them down, at The Soul Center – a beautiful, modern example of contemporary architecture:


Once a Soul entered a human host, they “recovered” in chic rooms like this:


And while humans cowered in caves and trailers in filthy dirty, torn tank tops and jeans – and occasionally a silly cowboy hat – the Souls chased effortlessly after them in these stunning, all white – and probably all natural fiber – clothes…

The SeekerAnd finally. once a Soul had taken up residence in a human host, the humans’s eye turned a piercing, vibrant blue:

The Host eyesI mean, how cool is that? Which, I guess, begs the question – would it be SO bad to surrender over to aliens if we got beautiful eyes, kick-ass cars, great clothes and killer homes? Hmmmm. It make me wonder….

2 responses to “It Might Be Worth It – The Host

  1. Hey Tim,
    I LOVED this movie. Of course I read the book ages ago but the movie was extremely well done. I watched it twice I admit. The idea of other beings inhabiting Earth to save the Earth from humans is not that far off base-IMO. It just may require aliens to save this place. Thanks for posting.

  2. Yeah, why would it be so bad to surrender for a better world? I however did not consider this movie just as a modern version of Body Snatchers, but as invitation to become aware about the consequences of following the emotions instead of following the principle of what is best for all >

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