How To Draw a Penguin

Today is hot. Very hot. So, so hot. H-O-T hot, in fact. Overall, the weather is miserable; it kinda’ makes me dream of cold weather. And snow. And penguins…

PenguinThe ADORABLE little guy above is an illustration from a children’s book by author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. I had never heard of him before this afternoon, as I don’t have much need for children’s books at the moment, but I am in LOVE with his illustrations. And now – thanks to the magic of the internet and the generosity of Mr. Jeffers, we can ALL have a cute penguin to remind us of cooler, milder and more enjoyable days…

Click the image below and learn how to draw a penguin. Thanks, Oliver!

How To Draw a Penguin by Oliver Jeffers

Some titles by Oliver Jeffers: Lost and Found, How to Catch a Star, The Way Back Home and The Incredible Book Eating Boy


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