Stop Calling Me, Tom. Stop!

It happened again today. The phone rang and, without much thought, I picked it up and said, “Hello?” There was a pause, then I heard “Tom” clear his throat –

“Yeah, uh, Hi, this is Tom. Hey, I’m calling to let you know that you have been pre-approved to receive a free medical alert system – you know, the whole “I’ve-fallen-and-I can’t-get-up” deal – that’s right, at no cost to you. (sound of papers rustling) Matter uh fact, it looks like it is not only prepaid, but the shipping has been taken care of, too… (continues speaking).”

Medical Alert System graphicTom made me mad. Mostly because I had been tricked again. You see, I don’t “know” Tom – he is a recorded message, a robo-caller, with a pre-recorded script crafted in a “conversational style” (the first time Tom called me, I yelled at him over the phone, telling him to shut up and listen – duh!) Today – as I have several times before – I listened all the way to the end of the pitch and pressed “5” to be “…removed from this calling list.” 

But Tom will call back; he always does…

I have had my numbers entered on the National Do Not Call Registry since its creation and yet, I STILL get telemarketing calls and solicitations from “…charitable organizations I have supported in the past.” Ugh. It fries me to suffer through these calls, press whatever number to be deleted from the list and STILL get calls from the same companies and organizations.

It makes me want to take a hammer to my phone and do this:

Smashed iPhoneMaybe it would be better if I did that to Tom, and his creators… 🙂

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