Shoppers or Walkers?

Today is the final day of a three-day sidewalk sale event at my store. I cannot say it has been a BAD three days sales-wise but, after a while, the hoards of “ambling shoppers” stumbling thru the place, some really shopping, most just killing time, remind me very much of walkers from “The Walking Dead:”

They limp and lope along thru the store, mumbling incoherently as they shuffle along the racks and tables looking for “the buy” that will make their day. I suppose I should be happy; we actually have had a pretty good run over the three days but “bargain shoppers” kinda’ work my nerves…

I guess I should be happy they aren’t trying to eat my brains…

Walkers from The Walking Dead

Season 4 of The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, 13 October at 9PM. For more info on The Walking Dead, please follow this link:

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