Did I Just See a PINTO?

After work today, I walked home. It was a great walk – the current weather is much cooler and the sky was super clear. I like walking; it’s easy exercise and it lets me “clear my mind out” a bit. My walk home takes about 45 minutes for the 2.04 miles. To be clear, I just walk; I do not power walk or briskly walk or speed walk. There are no “adjectives’ involved. I walk – to be honest, I suppose I technically “amble.” Anyway…

On the way home, as I stood at a crosswalk waiting for the traffic light to change, what zooms past me but a pristine 1972 Pinto – yes, that’s right, a 1972 Ford Pinto. In orange! I swear it was this exact model –

1972 Ford PintoI know for sure it was a 1972 Ford Pinto because in 1972, I was a fourteen-year-old boy just WAITING to get my learner’s permit at 15 and start driving.

I dreamed of all the cars I’d own – mostly I dreamed about Corvettes, but there were others, too. That’s the craziness of it all. Unlike today, when this Kia is a version of that Lexus is a knock-off of this BMW that pretends it is that Jaguar – well, you get my drift. But 1972, oh 1972 – THAT was a year when “Cars were king.”

I mean that same year that brought you the Pinto above also offered up this classic muscle machine (and my dream car) – a 1972 Corvette Convertible – with t-tops, no less –

1972 CorvetteI mean, the color is the same as the Pinto but that is definitely where the similarities end. That same year, auto manufacturer AMC brought you not only the AMC Pacer – voted one of the “Five Lamest Cars of All Time”  –

1972 AMC pacerBut also produced the kick-ass AMC Javelin AMX – sleek, fast and uber-cool –

1972 Javelin AMXAnd finally, the same year that gave birth to the car that made us all want to own a hatchback and is also the nicknamed the “Cutest Car Ever” – the Gremlin –

1972 AMC GremlinAlso put out the VERY sexy, VERY fast and VERY collectible Ford Mustang –

1972 Ford MustangSeeing that Pinto blasting down Lee Road (its driver no doubt on her way to yoga class, LOL!) reminded me how really diverse and different cars use to be. Now there are really only four different classes/styles of cars available:

1. The Unattainable Imports – Leased almost exclusively by rappers, professional sports figures and “self-made” men with Napoleon Complexes (meaning small willies), these wallet-crushing brands include Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Lotus and Ferrari.

2. The “Look-at-Me” Status Brands – These cars are typically leased as well, and are usually over-chromed and under-equipped. These brands include BMW, Jaguar, high-end Cadillacs – Escalades in particular – and, oddly enough, “monster trucks.”

3. What Moms Drive – All SUV’s, all hatchbacks (are they even called that any more?), all four door sedans (are they even called that anymore?) and all weird brands endorsed by hamster rappers. Oh, and Smart Cars.

4. Used Cars – What all “normal” people drive. Sadly, once cars leave any of the categories above, they fall into the “auto oblivion” that is named used cars and they all look alike, no matter who/what they started out being.

Currently, my Sweetie and I have a 2006 Saturn SUV – you know, a car from category three, What Moms Drive. Thing is, it has been – and hopefully will continue to be – an awesome car. I hope it stays with us for another 100,000 miles.

Oh yeah, that’s right – 100K so far and counting. Plus, no car payments for over 24 months – and counting! Sure, would I someday like to still have my dream car or any of the Unattainable Imports? You bet, but for now – and probably a while yet to come – it’s just gonna’ be my Sweetie, the Saturn and me. And that is OK (but I’m STILL coming for you one day, ’72 ‘Vette with t-tops!!!)

2 responses to “Did I Just See a PINTO?

  1. I have a super sexy ’05 Toyota Sienna… all paid, 113,000 miles. I wish it got better gas mileage but it is usually filled with art or the people I love so it serves a good cause. Gonna drive it til it won’t drive no more. 😉

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