Under A Canopy of Leaves…

Sometimes days ARE 25, 26, 27 hours long… Today (Friday, 26, 2013) is one of them. Technically, it is SATURDAY as I write this post but, since I have yet to go to bed (1:55AM), it is still Friday to me.

I had a super Friday. I had a client meeting with a new interior design client this morning, then in the afternoon, me and my Sweetie headed out to Mentor Headlands beach for an afternoon of sunning and swimming. It.Was.Awesome.

THK and MSW at Headlands 072613

When we came in off the beach, I found a message from our best friends, Scott and Joe, inviting us over for a late dinner. So, off we went to shower, change,and get ready.

We arrived at Scott and Joe’s about 7:15PM, and finally left about 1:00 AM. During our visit, we had fun not only with Scott and Joe but Xander the Wonder Dog as well. The food was great, the company even better and, their backyard? Ridiculous! After our al fresco dinner, our evening continued under this canopy of leaves, just talking and laughing. They are GREAT guys and, probably, our best friends. The conversation is always easy and we love them…

I spent a huge portion of the evening seated under this tree…

Morgan Lamm backyard

Sorry this blog isn’t “better” but I had a great, L-O-N-G day today, so I am going to bed. I promise I’ll post something more “worthy” tomorrow (oops, today!).

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