The Secret of Interior Design, Revealed

So by now, I suspect many of you already know that I am an interior designer by trade. I have a business partner and we have a small-but-successful interior design studio with a boutique retail store attached. Our firm focuses primarily on medium- and high-end residential projects but we occasionally do small commercial projects as well. It is a great job and I love it.

Most of the time.

I frequently get asked by clients for the “secret” to successful interior design, that one “tip” I can share that will allow them to somehow magically gain all the knowledge and experience I have acquired through formal education in the field and over twenty-five years of working within the A&D (architecture and design) community. Usually I just say this:

Given enough fabric

This response generally makes them laugh and gets them off my back. The truth is – just as there is no “secret” to being a successful dentist or dancer or anything else – there is no one trick that makes a designer successful. For those of us that enjoy even modest success, it only comes after years of education/dedication, a passion for the discipline and a lot – and I mean a LOT – of hard work. That all said, I really, truly cannot think of anything I would rather do than being an interior designer…

Well, maybe if a position as an independently wealthy, millionaire philanthropist becomes available, I might reconsider…

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