Empty Box

My head – my mind, really – presents a paradox to me. For example, today I had a really full day, full of many “things” that happened and yet tonight, as I struggle to write my daily post, I feel like my mind is an empty box –

empty box– but it really isn’t. To the contrary, my head is SO full of thoughts, ideas and images, I am finding it difficult to focus on a singular item for this post. Mistakenly, I would say my mind is devoid of a single worthy thought while in reality, it is a tornado of very worthy thoughts. Weird, huh?

I guess this is all a metaphor for life in general – when we “see” something and make an initial decision or judgment, how often do we find that evaluation was dead wrong later? I guess it is something to think about – I am watching the merry-go-round in my head, racing in a circle, waiting for the chance to add this new concept to all those already being tossed around up there.

My mind is a brilliant but hectic place at times…

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