L.B.B.’s – Two, Please

Yesterday’s blog was about an empty box; today’s post features a box of a different kind:

Tiffanys-Little-Blue-BoxOh yeah, that’s right – a little blue box. A very specific shade of blue box. And – to be correct – there will be TWO little blue boxes. They should arrive at our house on Tuesday by 3PM and, if we are lucky, we will be putting them into service less than a week from today.

I’ll be filling you in on more details as they become available but I have to say that I am probably happier now than I ever have been in my entire life up until this point. I love my SBF very, very much and very soon, FINALLY we will have a legal document that “legitimizes*” that union and will help/protect us as we continue on together.

I am excited. My beloved SBF is, too… Thanks for sharing this weird and wonderful moment with us – more details soon. uh – WOOHOO!

* By legitimizes, I mean to say that one $45 piece of paper will effectively bestow 1,138 legal rights benefits and protections to us as a couple, and to my SBF as a person. The best $45 I ever invested!!!


2 responses to “L.B.B.’s – Two, Please

  1. Well, we’re not terminally dim; we get it. You’re getting married – congratulations! And you’ve got rings from Tiffany’s, to wit the blue boxes – how wonderful. And I get it that marriage has a huge impact for y’all with regard to immigration since the ruling on DOMA, but unless you’re planning to move to a marriage equality state (13 and counting) or at least one that recognizes a same sex marriage (Ohio doesn’t, damn it!) you won’t be getting those 1138 rights of married couples.
    So far, other the good news from INS and State Department, other agencies including IRS and Social Security wont’ recognize your married status. Your constitutional rights, at this time are totally dependent on where you live. It totally sucks, but that’s the advice we’re getting from our attorney and our tax expert.

    • Thanks, Mark, for the congrats. And you are correct – we will NOT be able to utilize all 1,138 rights but at least one VERY important one. I know there are already test cases in the works to challenge Ohio (and other “dim” states) regarding our reciprocity in these matters. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! PS – I’d have your tax guy double-check the codes; our attorneys said we would be able to file federal taxes jointly; state and local are different matters,

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