All my life, I have confided in friends and family that I wanted to learn how to juggle. Truth be told, I learned how to juggle years ago; I just cannot do it with apples and oranges…

JugglingMost “successful” adults learn how to juggle and re-arrange priorities early on, otherwise their lives rapidly dissolve into disorganized train wrecks. Most days, the juggling is not all that hard for me but some days/weeks, it seems more challenging than others. This week coming up feels like I am juggling live chain saws while riding a unicycle.

While the chain saws are on fire, LOL!

In addition to all the daily, routine “normal” stuff – work, life, family – my partner and I are also getting married this week. I am super excited about it, but wish I had days/weeks/months to prepare for the event. My beloved and I have been together thru five sometimes challenging years together, years challenged by work, school, finances, long and short times apart and other obstacles (hello, DOMA) but, thru and in spite of it all, my guy loves me as much today as ever and I love him the same way. The Universe willing, we will actually be “tying the knot” on our fifth anniversary, in a civil ceremony performed by a stranger, in a state that offers and values marriage equality. Too bad Ohio is not one of those states.

We are fortunate that we will be sharing the moment with our two “besties,” and it will still feel like a celebration. Is it the star-studded, all-white, ridiculous celebration I had hoped for us? Nope (Lady Gaga was unavailable), but it will be enough for now. I am crazy about my guy and want nothing more – or less, as we used to say – than being able to be with him forever, living a life of incredible “non-event-ness.” For those close to us and our situation, that comment will make perfect sense. And maybe for every couple, gay or straight, that’s the future you hope for – many years together, sharing your life with the ONE person that makes your life make sense. That’s what I want.

Oh – and of course some cake. There has to be some cake…

2 responses to “Juggling

  1. Congratulations! The reception you’ve planned in your head a zillion times or a bevy of well-wishers doesn’t matter, what you are about to do is ALL about a marriage, not a wedding. I know you’d like to marry where you live, but it just ain’t the way things are (damn it!), but it does keep the emphasis where it belongs – two people who love each other. Mazel Tov!

    • Thanks, Mark, for the good wishes and your comments. This moment is indeed about a marriage; we will celebrate with friends later… I’ll keep you posted. Hugs ~

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