A Lovely Day Trip, and The Stuff of Nightmares

Today my Sweetie and I took a quick trip to Jamestown, NY, to get our marriage license.

New York state has marriage equality – UNLIKE Ohio! – and is the closest state where my Angel and I can get married. The one restriction, if you will, is that New York has a 24 hour waiting period – to avoid “Britney Spears” weddings, I imagine. Anyhow, we took the leisurely trip there and back in one day. We had no problem whatsoever in obtaining the license; in fact, every single person we met was SO dang welcoming and accommodating, well, it felt actually a little “Stepford-y” at times (but in a good way!). Anyhow, all in all it was a great experience and we are one step close to being Mr. and Mr. – Hooray! I cannot WAIT!!!

On our trip home, yours truly had to take an unanticipated “potty break” so we stopped at the first available exit – I think it was the last exit westbound before entering Ohio from Pennsylvania. We rolled into what looked like a deserted BP station. It had an attached restaurant that appeared to have been closed for YEARS, and it seemed like every other light was out inside the attached  mini-mart. I walked in, scanned for the restroom sign and toddled my way into the men’s room.

When I opened the door, I swear I almost fainted.

You know those zombie movies, where it’s all like post-apocalyptic and everything is dirty, broken, old and yellowed? Well, I found that movie set today…

Disclaimer: Those “weak of stomach” need to stop reading now.

In addition to the fact that the room looked like it hadn’t seen a mop or broom in DECADES, this is an actual photo of the “urinal wall.” Nope, I am not kidding:

photo (36)For any lady that has ever wondered “what a guy’s room looks like inside,” I will say this is far from typical. And, as someone that needed a urinal in working condition, well, this sight was not what I had hoped for. Thank goodness, the toilet stall was still intact/functioning but it was SO gross that I will not even share that picture. And just in case you cannot read all the notes, here is the important one:

photo (37)Yes, that is correct – the sign says “UNSAFE – Do not drink water – Not suitable for drinking!!” I have to confess, at 55 years old, this was the FIRST bathroom that ever “skeebed me out” so badly that after I left, I wanted to get home as quickly as possible and take a shower. The whole place should be condemned…

On my way out, I bought a bottle of Diet Coke – a sealed container product – because I feel no one should “Pee For Free.” But honestly, that was one scary bathroom…

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