Does It Feel Any “Different?”

Today is Day One of married bliss with my beloved partner/husband Martin. In many ways, today felt the same as every other day we have shared over the past five years  – I woke up and saw his smiling face, we had coffee together, he did some things while I puttered around on the computer, we went and saw two movies then we came home, grabbed a bite and watched Project Runway together. All in all a nice, uneventful day.

But in one very important way, today was totally different,

You see, up until yesterday – and that defining moment when we became legally married – our relationship compared to other “real” relationships looked like this:

42-20703288 [RF] © www.visualphotos.comThing is that, no matter that Martin and I had been registered domestic partners since 2009, no matter that we share a life, friends and family together, no matter that we love one another and plan on staying together forever, in the eyes of the US government we are were “legal strangers.” Until yesterday. All it took was $40.00, some paperwork, five hours in the car and The Seal of The Great State of New York. One piece of paper changed everything. Instead of the image above, we were now “equal’ – somehow our love and relationship were “legit.” Now our “gay” marriage was largely the same as a “hetero marriage” – like this:

two applesOf course, Martin and I didn’t need any piece of paper to legitimize or validate our love. We have loved one another for five years (five years and a day now, technically!) But – when people ask, “Does it feel any different?”, I can honestly say yes and no. My love for Martin could never “feel” any different – it is bright and full and warm and perfect. But I will also confess that that one piece of paper WILL make some things, and one very important thing in particular, much easier for us now. And I thank The Universe for giving us this opportunity, for our friends and family and finally for the chance to dream about the future we have always wanted – a quiet, uneventful one.

The whole “marriage-thing” is still a bit new for us so I am sure I will post several more times about it. I will share this – yesterday was the best day of my life. Yesterday. Today was my “new” best day of my life, and I anticipate tomorrow will be another new best day of my life. I am so grateful, happy and thankful for Martin and all the future holds for us. You see, forget apples vs. oranges – me and my Angel have always been two peas in a pod. I love you, Sweetie!

two peas in a pod 

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