A Not-So-Fun-Day Monday

Today has been a challenging day so far. Not challenging like in a “meteor crash” way:

Meteor crashBut definitely more challenging than a “fly in your soup” kinda’ day:

Fly in my soupYou see. last night our entire block of stores was “randomly vandalized” – which for us meant two broken windows and a broken door; for other business, the damage was far greater:

shattered-glassLet me just share with you that there is nothing quite like picking up your cell phone, seeing that someone left you a message from your store phone number at like 3:25AM (WTF?) then hearing the message open with this sentence: “Yeah, Hi. This is Detective Someone from the Wherever Police Department…” I can assure each of you that that is NOT any sort of message you want to hear on a Monday at 7:19AM. Definitely not…

Anyhow, the “perp” has already been apprehended and, in the scheme of things, our damage was minimal compared to damage suffered by other businesses. NOTHING was stolen – the guy only “broke stuff.” I’m not sure if its possible to understand why crazy people do the things they do but, in the end, I am glad only “things” were damaged and no one was hurt.

The glass company is here now, replacing our damaged glass (it’s handy to know people, LOL!) and hopefully, within the next two hours, it will almost be like it never happened, at least for us. I’d like to thank The Universe – AGAIN! – for watching over me and keeping me and my friends safe from harm. At the end of the day, I will go home, be with the guy I love, watch some mindless TV and just forget this day ever happened.

Sigh… Mondays really suck sometimes. I hope 5PM gets here soon.


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